You commonly see guarantees of instant wealth associated with the practice of Feng Shui. Many people consider this ancient art as superstitious and filled with get-rich-quick ideas. I’ve to confess that prior to I began studying Feng Shui I believed it was everything about increasing cold hard cash money for businesses. But I’ve found out through research and practice that the fortune and riches one enjoys from Feng Shui are blessings and strong chi.

gold coins

Having stated that, many individuals still would like to know how they can alter their fortunes so they can be more economically prosperous. A couple of years back it was reported that a guy in Australia won over $1 million in a home lotto after he glued a gold coin to his front step. Headings read Feng Shui causes jackpot win. He’d in fact won two prior lottos over the course of a year and after positioning the coin. It developed a bit of a stir in the Feng Shui neighborhood and was gotten by several media outlets.

Was it Feng Shui at work? Well, yes and no. While not a standard Feng Shui treatment, the gluing of the gold coin was that individual’s symbolic means of inviting in more wealth however it was only a little part in a series of predetermined events and self-made chances. Lots of unknown aspects could’ve added to his win. Simply put, it was an ideal storm of fate, timing and chance that resulted in his good fortune.

An person’s fortune is divided into 5 areas (elements of fate): Fate, Luck, Karma, Feng Shui and Self-Improvement. You can group them into three kinds of fortune: Destiny, Karma and Motivation. An individual can impact Karma and Motivation, however Fate (luck) is predetermined by the cosmos. The favorable quality of each of these will certainly identify just how much good fortune an individual will certainly reap throughout his/her life.


Destiny and Luck is the luck you were born with. Your birth date and birth order, where you were born, who your parents are: these are all elements that were determined by the cosmos and are beyond our control. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, you can not do anything to alter this luck but you can make changes to the other types of fortune.


Karma is connecteded to the actions you take in your life. Exactly what sort of person do you wish to be? How do you deal with others? Your fortune is affected by the actions you require to improve not only your circumstance however those of others. By doing charitable works and selfless deeds you can develop a more positive presence (for this life and the next).


Feng Shui and self-improvement is the good fortune you can bring about by striving, enlightening yourself and being inspired to make positive modifications. Thoughtful motivations and intentions should be in location before undertaking Feng Shui to enhance your physical area. This is where you analyze your life and choose to make a change. Am I in the right job? Am I surrounded by the right individuals? Often this is difficult and unpleasant however, as they say, if it were easy everyone would do it. Feng Shui is positioned in this group due to the fact that you’re enhancing your environments and quality of life (and your chi). However, Feng Shui can just be successful if you’ve actually taken the other elements over into account.

There’s no substitute for hard work.

Thomas Edison

So can people change their fortunes? Yes – by focusing on the things they can regulate. Perhaps you can not change your birth destiny, but by working on improving your quality of life and by pushing yourself to end up being a better individual, you can modify the course of your life. Opportunities and challenges will certainly provide themselves along your journey, how you utilize those opportunities and deal with those difficulties will certainly identify your fortune.

Many blessings and Namaste.

Note: The function of this post is for reference and as guide. I hope you discover these Feng Shui articles helpful and beneficial. These works are suggested to motivate you to delve deeper into Feng Shui as a practice. For even more comprehensive Feng Shui expedition in your life I urge you to seek out a qualified Feng Shui expert.

Laura Morris is a certified Feng Shui expert