Can Bikram Yoga Replace Weight Training?

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You could often focus on the truth that yoga typically doesn’t burn as many calories as aerobic exercise, rather, look at yoga as a type of strength training you can do as an option or in addition to weightlifting. Yoga can strengthen your muscles, in addition to boost your flexibility, endurance and balance. Yoga is a well-balanced activity that offers numerous advantages of various kinds of exercise. Consult a personal fitness instructor advantageous strength-training plan for you.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is more intense than the regular calming Hatha variety, and it offers even more of an aerobic workout, it likewise provides strength training. This kind of yoga was begun by yogi Bikram Choudhury, and you do it in a really hot space for about an hour and a half. It includes a specialized series of 26 poses. The 26 poses utilized in Bikram yoga include numerous weight-bearing poses. Some of them are tree pose, triangle present, standing bow present and balancing stick position. The official Bikram Yoga website clarifies that one of the functions of the series of poses is to strengthen your muscles.

Strength Training

MayoClinic. com explains that strength training might use any of the following techniques: weight devices, free weights, resistance bands and/or body-weight exercises. Yoga is a body-weight exercise, also called a weight-bearing exercise. These exercises tone your muscles by making using of the weight of your body against gravity. The American Council on Exercise suggests that the important facet of your strength training workout is that it exercises all your significant muscle teams, consisting of in the legs, hips, chest, arms, belly and back. A well-designed yoga session can complete this objective.


Although Bikram yoga can offer a strength-training workout, most various other kinds of yoga can complete the same objective. This is important since Bikram yoga isn’t right for everyone. Individuals with MS or hypertension should be careful with Bikram yoga, as the heat can worsen these conditions. Also, with the high heats up in Bikram yoga, you may extend your body further than it could usually go, which could result in injury.

Expert Opinion

Many yoga positions offer weight-bearing workout to go toward your strength training objectives, clarifies yoga specialist Sherri Baptiste. Nevertheless, physical fitness professional Dr. Melina Jampolis recommends taking part in both yoga and weightlifting within a complete workout regime that also includes aerobic exercise. Alternate in between the two types to meet the standard of 2 days a week of strength training. You might also include weights into your yoga practice. Speak with a fitness instructor for a personal suggestion.