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Yoga Booty Ballet is a workout system that incorporates dance and yoga transfer to create lean and long muscles. The Yoga Booty Ballet Classic is a set of three DVDs that are utilized in combination with the Goddess Guide, Beachbody Squishy Ball, and 7 Day Rapid Results Diet.

Yoga Booty Ballet, Abdominal and Butt Transformation is a series of 5 DVDs using dance, yoga, and enhancing methods to tone the butt and abs.


The variety of calories burned throughout an activity relies on several factors, including your sex, age, physical fitness, and weight. Each person will burn a various amount depending upon her body and the amount of effort. Physical activity likewise enhances the body’s basal metabolic rate, so in addition to the calories burned throughout the activity, the body will burn extra calories throughout the day.


The Quickstart DVD is a 10 minute workout with basic steps, much like low-impact aerobics, and will burn about 60 calories. Overall Toning Essentials is a 45 minute video that consists of conditioning and shaping moves with dance and will burn approximately 300 calories. The Advanced Abs and Booty DVD is 60 minutes of dance moves targeted at the abdominals and butt and will burn around 400 calories.

Ab and Butt Makeover

The Light and Easy DVD is a 40 minute beginner DVD including light cardio and basic yoga moves and will burn about 275 calories. The Cardio Cabaret DVD is a quick paced cardio dance DVD that lasts for 35 minutes burning approximately 300 calories. The Go-Go DVD makes use of ballet relocate to shape the legs, hips, and butt in a 40 minute workout burning about 275 calories. The 35 minute Body Sculpting DVD makes use of resistance to provide a total body toning exercise burning approximately 200 calories. The 40 minute Latin Taste DVD, burning approximately 275 calories, offers a Latin based dance workout tailored to tone and reinforce abs and do away with love deals with.