Calories Burned with Moksha Yoga

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Moksha yoga is a copyrighted form of yoga practice that originated in Canada in 2004. A kind of hot yoga, Moksha is exercised in heated rooms to capitalize on the higher adaptability of muscles in a warm environment.

Basic Calorie Burn

A 140-lb. individual will burn 440 calories in one hour of hot yoga, consisting of Moksha and its forefather Bikram. Due to the fact that it makes use of body weight for resistance, heavier people will burn more calories, and lighter people will burn less during the same workout.


A 180-lb. person doing a Moksha yoga exercise will burn 570 calories in one hour. A 110-lb. individual doing the same workout will burn only 350. Various other elements that might impact the caloric burn consist of level of intensity, various particular postures as well as the mood of the person exercising.


Hot temperature levels will enhance the calorie burn of your Moksha yoga session, though it will not make as much of a distinction as body weight or personal intensity. When doing any exercise in a hot environment, it’s necessary to drink water routinely to avoid heat fatigue and various other effects of dehydration.