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2012 is the indicator of modification on a grand scale. This is a time of significant spiritual transformation which develops physical modification. We’re spirit and are all part of the mass awareness that’s producing our experience. Earth Earth is an amazing place for the imaginative adventure of spirit. We’re all spirit, our bodies are our vessels and spirit’s the creator, light and life within the body. As spirit we’re one and Earth is our larger body. This major change time is an awakening of spirit in the physical consciousness, a time to get up to spirit.

The human bodies and Earth body are all changing to accommodate our increased spiritual energy. We’ve an unlimited number of spiritual vibrations to use in our improvement. Cosmic and Earth energies can be knowingly controlled to recover ourselves and our earth. An additional powerful energy called Kundalini energy is also emerging from individual bodies and the planet. Every one of our spiritual energies transform lesser physical vibrations to a higher spiritual energy for us to utilize in our innovative procedure. We need to bring the body energy up until accept our high spiritual vibrations. This requires awakening to our spiritual nature.

A significant lesson for spirit’s how to bring your physical body to an awakened state to receive spirit without harming the body. Mind-calming exercise is the way to turn within, know yourself, and recover in a safe and controlled manner. By finding out to meditate and doing so daily, you awaken as spirit and recover your body. Numerous energies are available to help you get back to yourself, the spirit. Kundalini energy is one vibration to utilize to transform the physical to spiritual energy. I composed a book on Kundalini that explains ways to do this and refers to reflection as a structure of recovery. The following is an excerpt:

‘The body is an alive, dynamic automobile for the soul. We, as spirit, have invested a lot of energy in the physical world and in our bodies. Many beings have lost their awareness of themselves as spirit since they’ve invested a lot of their energy in the real world of issue. Numerous have come to believe they’re their bodies and that there’s nothing but the physical world.

‘This sleeping state is what many individuals on Earth are now experiencing. The absence of awareness of the spiritual nature of all things and the spirituality of humanity is the major cause of disturbance on this planet. The lack of spiritual details is perpetuating this state of unawareness. While lots of people find God, they find God beyond themselves rather of within. This outside focus for spiritual details and support can trigger confusion and produce power games and control games instead of spiritual awakening of the specific soul.

‘For the soul to reawaken to its spiritual nature, it must understand that it isn’t its body and doesn’t have the features of the body. The body operates in time and space, is restricted by effort, competitors and ethics, and is mortal. The spirit operates outside of time and space, doesn’t have competition, ethics or effort, and is immortal, to list a few of the distinctions. The soul has to find out to have affinity for its body to produce fully through it because the affinity for the body’s features assists the soul work with the medium of the body.

‘The distinctions between spirit and body source a great deal of confusion for lots of people seeking spiritual information and awakening. The person could begin her spiritual opening with great purposes and end up concentrated on an ego journey, in pain, or in fear because she didn’t understand the difference between spirit and body. Trying to make the body like the spirit’s impossible, and attempting to make spirit like the body is likewise impossible. Sadly, many individuals get caught in precisely that pattern. This effort to make one like the various other disrupts the natural affinity in between a spirit and its body. It can make the body afraid of spirit and source spirit to spend its energy outside of the body.

‘To bring the body back to an awakened state, it’s essential to recognize the distinctions in between spirit and body and not try to make the body be like you, the spirit. A spiritually awake body is very various from a spiritually awake soul. The body’s natural attributes are magnified when the body is recovered. Thus, the sexuality, emotionality, and other physical characteristics are more powerful and need more spiritual focus on turn them to spiritual use. The differences between spirit and body are the same whether the soul or body is asleep or awake. The body is still mortal and the soul is still immortal. The body uses effort, time and area, and spirit does not. An awakened body is one with which the spiritual energy streams easily, and healing is constantly happening as the spirit takes responsibility for its magnified energy industry. If spirit wakens its body and doesn’t care for it, the body can be an effective vehicle that’s out of control.

‘Bringing the body to an awakened state needs recovering it by clearing the lies, foreign energy, misinformation, past-time energy, and various other unacceptable energies from it. It implies clearing anything from your body that isn’t in arrangement with your spiritual nature such as hate, concern, pain, and the ego that covers all your errors. An awakened body is an alive body, unencumbered by the energies which deaden it, such as pain and the various other energies currently discussed. Once a body starts to awaken, the recovery focus have to be increased so the disruptions saved in the body don’t get you off your spiritual course. An awakened body is an exciting difficulty to make use of. It resembles riding a healthy, spirited horse instead of an ill, jaded one.’

My book on mind-calming exercise instructs five of the old spiritual strategies to use and is the structure for spiritual work. Spiritual energy is increasing in everyone and every little thing. Find out to comprehend yourself as spirit and your spiritual energies to regain control of your imagination. Find out to ground, center and meditate to assist you create in this time of planetary spiritual awakening. Mind-calming exercise prepares your body for the increasing Kundalini energy which is part of the 2012 improvement process. Now is the time to meditate and take cost as spirit.