I recently went to the 2012 Fitness and Wellness Bloggers Conference in Denver, Colorado. It consisted of a fantastic Hike in Stone, thanks to goodnessknows. They sponsored the whole day expedition, which was a fantastic highlight of the conference.

Flatiron Mountain, Boulder

They offered us with great deals of goodies for the day. Their delicious fruit, nut and chocolate squares provided us the energy and nutrition required. A canteen to keep hydrated, and a yoga mat at the end of the hike, as the conclusion of the day was a peaceful yoga course courtesy of Breath Yoga.

There were about 27 people blog owners who went on the hike. I got to meet some incredible physical fitness and wellness enthusiasts along the method.

Health and Fitness Bloggers

The hike started in Chautauqua Park, Stone, which leads you up to the Flatiron Mountains, as much as the Royal Arch at the top.

The Flatiron Mountains got their name by leader ladies who stated they appeared like flat, metal irons utilized to iron their clothing.

The round trip length was 3.2 miles, reaching an elevation level of 6,915 feet above sea level. The skill level of the hike was considered moderate and laborious.

I am constantly up for a challenge, so this hike was something I was definitely anticipating. The truth that I come from sea level altitudes was a concern, as I was stressed that Denver’s high elevation would influence my breathing and oxygen level, especially hiking up a mountain.

As I started the hike, my body needed to adapt to the altitude, so I ran out breathe initially, and needed to take great deals of breaks. It was terrific that there were numerous trees along the way, so I’d lots of shade to cool off. That was practical, as it was a hot warm day.

It was quite an exercise climbing. It’s type of like walking uphill and climbing stairs that were formed by rocks.

Before you reach the top, there was a high rock-stair section that was the most difficult part, aside from that the remainder of the hike was rather uncomplicated.

I past by a great deal of pet dogs along the way, the majority of them were dehydrated and wanted water. I kept going and going, and was excited to reach the Royal Arch at the top and see the spectacular view of east Stone. The elevation gain was 1200 feet as much as the top.

The Royal Arch made of sand stone was formed and shaped by water, wind and mechanical erosion.

view from Royal Arch, Boulder

I absolutely liked it when I reached the top. The view was outstanding, and the air appeared so fresh. I honestly did not wish to come down. It was so serene and extraordinary and well worth the sweat. Remaining on the smooth sun drenched rocks below the Royal Arch was certainly the highlight of my trip to Denver. I’d extremely recommend it.

Thank goodness I’d my electronic camera to record such exceptional views all formed by nature.

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