Bikram Yoga Poses: the Rabbit Pose

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Similar to the kid’s pose of hatha yoga exercise, bikram yoga exercise’s bunny pose is a forward flex made use of for leisure and a gentle stretch. Nonetheless, the low-impact nature of the pose doesn’t imply you can cut corners on type and focus. This position is as challenging to do properly as numerous apparently more difficult postures.

Bikram Yoga Basics

Bikram yoga exercise, likewise called ‘hot yoga exercise,’ makes use of numerous of the exact same concepts and positions as various other designs of yoga. The major difference is in the practice environment. While various other kinds of yoga are practiced at space temperature, bikram yoga sessions are held in spaces heated up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, with a humidity of 40 percent or more. This sauna-like environment is intended to loosen muscles for greater flexibility, and to remove contaminants by increasing the amount of individuals sweat.

Child Pose

Rabbit posture is not simply the same as child pose, you enter it by beginning in kid posture. Enter kid pose by kneeling on the floor with your big toes together and your back on your heels. Separate your knees as far as possible, then breathe out as you fold yourself over up until your torso is parallel to the floor. Lay your arms on the ground, palms up, lying along your legs. Unwind your shoulders to let them fall towards the floor.

Rabbit Pose

Beginning in kid posture, you enter bunny pose by first gripping your heels with your hands. Utilizing that leverage, you pop your hips upward up until your thighs are perpendicular to the ground and at the same time set the crown of your head on the floor. Fold further at the hips to bring your crown as close as possible to your knees and your chest as close as possible to your thighs. Hold yourself in that position for 6 to eight breaths before relaxing back into kid posture.


At the most fundamental level, bunny position strengthens and improves flexibility in your abdomen, back and neck. This can help you improve posture, and relieve back and hip pains that originate from poor body placement. Some specialists also declare that it assists enhance digestion and immune function by making the most of spinal wellness and stimulating the thymus glandular.