Bikram Yoga is a popular design of yoga in the United States. Based on a 26-posture series of yoga positions, Bikram’s design combines high heat with staple yoga presents utilized in most Western yoga practices. Bikram Choundhury, developer of Bikram Yoga, argues that the only means to receive medical benefits of yoga postures is to follow his requirements of high heat, breath control and finishing the practice with a 26 second minimum leisure posture. Chair Pose is the 3rd step in the Bikram Yoga 26-posture sequence.

Chair Pose

Bikram separates step-by-step postures to totally accomplish the benefits of Chair Pose. Start standing and range your feet 6 inches apart. Kick back into an imaginary chair, working your thighs parallel to the ground and flatten your heels on the floor.

Lift Toes

Chair Pose constructs your thigh muscles, reinforces your spine and stretches your shoulders, according With your heels planted in the ground, raise your toes toward the ceiling. Keep your toes raised for 10 breaths.

Tip Toe High

Bring your arms parallel to the floor with your palms facing down. Lower your toes to the ground, raise your heels and shift to your idea toes. Work toward a completely lengthened spinal column and flex your knees halfway. This motivates you to utilize your thighs instead of your back muscles. Breathe for 10 breaths.

Bent Squat

Straighten your legs as you continue to stabilize on your suggestion toes and walk your feet closer together. Flex your knees as you lower your hips to the back of your heels with your thighs parallel to the ground. By moving from your suggestion toes to squatting, you acquire flexibility in your hips, increase blood flow in the knees and ankles, and firm the calves, says Bikram.