Bikram Yoga Instructor Training

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Bikram Choudhury calls his yoga studios ‘torture chambers.’ Practicing in 105 degrees Fahrenheit, students of this method of yoga commit themselves to finding out the 26 positions that Choudhury pulled from Hatha Yoga to develop his system. A glance on line for a Bikram Yoga studio near you’ll reveal there’s no absence of interest for this mega-hot style of yoga. There are studios in 38 states, with 77 in California alone. If your interest for Bikram yoga becomes a desire to instruct, there are some steps you’ll have to take.

Safety Basics are Important

If you’ve actually been doing yoga for some time, you know that despite the fact that the purpose of the practice is to link body, mind and soul through mindful attention, there are real guidelines to which you must adhere for security’s sake. It’s because of that that to qualify for Bikram yoga educator training program you must’ve practiced at a Bikram affiliated studio for a minimum of 6 months prior to using.

Recommendation is a Must

In addition to maintaining a regular practice, a candidate is needed to secure a ‘Letter of Recommendation’ from the owner of the Bikram studio which she frequents. This certification is very important since if certified, you’ll be responsible for the lives of other individuals. The program directors of the Bikram yoga instructor training wish to have some idea of your character and devotion to the practice prior to giving you the stamp of approval.

Instructors Have to Be 21 or Older

An age requirement of 21 years is necessary to get the Bikram Yoga teacher training. A particular maturity needs to be reached in order to be an effective teacher. If licensed, you’ll be instructing individuals in their 30s, 40s and even older. In charge of assisting them become healthier with the regular practice of yoga is a spectacular responsibility.

Application Timeline

After satisfying all 3 requirements you can now get admission into the educator training program. You’ll discover the on line application on the Bikram yoga internet site. Keep in mind that if money is an issue, 2 scholarships are available to qualified candidates each term. Watch your dates. Both the application for the training program and scholarship are time sensitive. The process of wanting to be a Bikram Yoga instructor to becoming one can take a year or even more, depending on when the program is offered and when you finish all the requirements.