Bikram Yoga & Spinal Realignment
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If you stand in front of a mirror, there’s a good chance that your body looks in proportion. However extremely quickly after youth you embrace certain ways of standing or sitting that beginning to throw off the placement of your bones, particularly your hips and spinal column. The changes could be minuscule and you mightn’t feel the effects till much later in life, but adopting a discipline like Bikram yoga exercise contains poses specifically for spine realignment will serve you well down the roadway.

Origins of Bikram Yoga

The lot of Hatha yoga postures with all its variations and modifications numbers well into the hundreds. Bikram Choudhury picked a mere 26 poses from this 5,000-year-old discipline to produce his own brand of yoga exercise named Bikram or as it’s typically known, hot yoga exercise. Practiced in a studio warmed to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, students of Bikram yoga spend 90 mins following the recommended collection of 26 postures in order to ‘reshape the body.’

Half Moon Pose

Stand with your feet together. Contract the muscles in the fronts of your upper thighs and pull them up, far from your knees. Point your tailbone down and contract your abs. Sweep your arms up over your head and clasp your thumbs, middle, ring and pinky fingers together. Extend the first two fingers of your hands, press them together and point them towards the ceiling. On an exhale, start bending from your waist to the right. Keep your upper body facing forward and your raised arms pushed close to your ears throughout the stretch. To enhance the stretch along the left side of your body, jut your left hip out slightly as you flex to the right. Breathe typically as you unwind into Half Moon pose for approximately a min then repeat on your left side.

Triangle Pose

From a standing position step your legs three feet apart. Turn your right foot out 90 degrees and your back foot in about 30 degrees. Flex your right knee until your upper right thigh is parallel to the flooring taking care to not let your right knee come forward of your right ankle. Bending from your waist, reach down with your right hand with your palm facing forward till your fingertips are hardly skimming the flooring. Swing your left arm up until it’s perpendicular to the flooring and reach through your fingertips to the ceiling. Gaze down at the fingertips of your right hand as you breathe typically in Triangle posture for up to a min before switching over sides.

Camel Pose

Kneel on a yoga mat or rug on the flooring with your lower legs outstretched behind you. Curl your toes under. Place your hands on the back of your hips and tip your head back. Slowly jut your hips forward as far as you can using your hands on the backs of your hips to help you. On an exhale reach behind with your right hand and grasp the heel of your right foot. Inhale then on your following exhale reach behind and grasp your left heel with your left hand. Maintain the forward thrust of your hips ensuring not to break down all your weight onto the hands holding your heels. Stay in Camel posture for approximately one min.