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Bikram yoga, sometimes described as hot yoga, is performed in a heated space to enable optimum versatility and to release toxins with sweating. Temperature levels vary in between 90 to 105 degrees F. Established by Bikram Choudhury, it’s based upon Hatha yoga. Comprised of 26 poses or postures, it works all parts of the of the body- body organs, tendons, muscles and veins to achieve optimal functioning.

About Cystic Acne

Blockages in conjunction with swelling inside the deep hair follicle produce swellings or cysts underneath the skin surface. While some cystic acne breakouts is genetic according to the Mayo Clinic, main causes are dirt on the skin, hormonal changes and hormonal imbalances.

Yoga and Hormonal Balance

Lexi Yoga mentions that one of the impacts of yoga is that it can promote and balance endocrine function. This happens by pressurizing and depressurizing particular glandulars as a result of slow-moving, certain movements. According to Bikram Yoga, the postures assist the endocrine glands in secreting appropriate hormones and motivating a hormonal balance.

Hormones, Bikram Yoga and Cystic Acne

As one of the causes of cystic acne breakouts is hormonal imbalance and one of the advantages of Bikram yoga is balance of the hormonal system, you might conclude that doing Bikram yoga will help to reduce cystic acne. There is, however, no study to document that by stabilizing the hormones through Bikram yoga can reduce cystic acne breakouts.

Sweating, Bikram Yoga and Cystic Acne

Another main reason for cystic acne is dirt on the skin. The heated room in Bikram Yoga assistants the body in sweating and flushes contaminants and pollutants from the body though the skin. Nevertheless, again, It can not be concluded that sweating from Bikram yoga sessions will alleviate cystic acne breakouts.