down-dog-croppedThe vacations can be a time of fun and family. However for lots of, it can also be a time of added stress– good and bad! One of my favorite means to stretch tight muscles and ease stress is yoga. Speaking as a type-A, high-energy individual, yoga is the best medicine to this stress-filled, anxiety-ridden, wound-up-tight-as-a-drum world we stay in. For me, yoga is like individual therapy!

Yoga has actually been exercised all over the world for even more than 5,000 years as a means to enhance variety of motion, promote relaxation and enhance self-awareness. And there’s a reason it’s such remaining power throughout time. It’s been understood to enhance sleep, circulation, digestion, blood pressure and cardiovascular function. How can you suggest with that?

My preferred present: Downward-Facing Dog

A wonderful yoga posture to start off with is Downward-Facing Pet dog, among my favorites. As you might think, its name comes from the fact that it resembles the shape a canine takes when it’s stretching out. The position will increase strength in your arms and shoulders over time while giving a great stretch to your back, hips and chest. You’ll also get a good stretch in your calf bones and hamstrings if you carefully push down your heels into the floor.

Give it a try

Begin on your hands and knees (see photo above). Put your feet hip-width apart, toes tucked under. Space your hands shoulder-width apart, and press the weight of your body onto your palms, spreading your fingers like starfish. Correct your legs (newbies can bend their knees), and raise your tailbone toward the sky while pulling your navel toward your spine and carefully lowering through your heels. (Feel the stretch with the backs of your legs).

Open your upper back by rotating your shoulder blades slightly outward. Keep your shoulders far from your ears, and unwind your head in between your arms. Start gently– with time you’ll certainly be able to hold the pose for longer periods.

Now, does not that feel better?