Fitness holidays of A Healthylife:Thus your vacation will be having a unique combination of your travel & fitness regime clubbed.


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Fitness holidays are an ideal chance to relax, unwind, and remain healthy simultaneously. Though nobody of you would want to do exercise on your holiday trip or on vacation at some exotic location but you will also not love to come back from holiday after adding few more kilos of flab to your bodies.

Fitness holiday is the new buzzword where your vacations are planned such as to provide you a new fitness level that you can boast of in the coming time while simultaneously keeping in view your travel objectives. Thus your vacation will be having a unique combination of your travel & fitness regime clubbed with each other such that you look & feel healthy at the end of your travel expedition.

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Best Fitness Holidays Destinations For A Healthy life

We have collected names of some of the world’s great & exotic destinations where these fitness vacations can be organized for you.

Yoga in India

From ashrams to luxury beach side resorts, India’s got the yoga experience of all variety. Yoga Vidya, with locations both in southern and northern India, is known as among the top yoga schools within the world. Yoga Vidya teaches practical yoga you can use in your daily routine.

Carnival Cruise to keep fit Lovers

The Carnival Cruise sales to locations like like Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten while offering group exercise classes like yoga and aerobics. In addition, you may also undertake tougher classes like NIA, which integrates dance, yoga, martial arts, and Tai Chi. So when you are looking at relaxation, Carnival provides you with the opportunity to unwind within the steam room and sauna or having a full body massage in the onboard spa.

Combination Tours in Southeast Asia

Throughout Northern Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, a lot of companies offer combination tours which involve a higher amount of fitness. Eventually participants are going to be canoeing across sea water,  doing trekking to some hill village, and subsequently biking through small villages. Trips lasts in one day to multi-day as well as multi-week excursions. The more the trip, the higher the adventure.

Women’s Quest Cycling in Italy

Women’s Quest provides a few different fitness retreats, together with a cycling tour with the Tuscan countryside. Around the trip, you will get the chance to see the quieter rural regions of Italy while you pedal past olive groves & vineyards. This can be a trip for beginner and advanced cyclists.

Todaiji Temple Yoga and Walking Tours

Hot Springs Yoga Tours provides a fourteen-day cultural and wellness excursion based on workshops and treatments.

Every day begins with an earlier morning yoga session before going on the treasure hunts. After this you are on walking tours to Toshogu Shrine, Asakusa Kannon Temple or along Irohazaka Route to the lake having a stop at some hot spring soak gazing at snow-capped Mt. Fuiji. On the way you will feel rejuvenated with the herbal tea.

At other days  you ‘ll got to see the  Golden Pavilion, Nijo Castle, 3000 Lanterns of Kasuga Shrine, Todaiji Temple to pay respect to Buddha. Evenings are made enjoyable by playing karaoke music or organizing Geisha shows.

Dinners feature traditional staples of Japanese cuisine: rice, miso, and seafood, all low-calorie healthy meals notable for extending the longevity of the country’s vibrant people.

This cultural trip includes a trans-formative effect physically, mentally, and emotionally creating positive attitudes and as guests are certain to begin to see the better of Japan’s historical sites and go through the art of wellness before saying, “Sayonara.”

Holiday Expeditions Canyon Rafting in Utah

Rafting is definitely an adventurous, interactive holiday that’ll be fun for the entire family. Holiday Expeditions in Green River, Utah offers rafting adventures through deep valleys and intense waterfalls. You may also camp around the beach and swim within the river to enjoy your halts between rafting trips.

Brooklyn Bridge Boot camp in Costa Rica

This vacation program offers both yoga and boot camp style workouts within the beautiful tropical setting of Costa Rica. Guided excursions can also be found to be able to explore your surroundings and exercise simultaneously.

Westin Riverfront Resort in Colorado

If you wish to remain in the United States for the summer holiday, Colorado is probably the healthiest and many beautiful states to go to. This riverfront resort is found in Avon and offers beautiful scenery, in addition to group Pilates, yoga, and cycling classes. You may also enjoy outdoor Colorado adventure pursuits like skiing or hiking, with respect to the season.