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This spiritual mind-calming exercise includes the use of the creativity, which I choose to call “inner vision.” The word “imagination” frequently suggests something that we see something that we “comprised” that’s false or worthless. In the strictest sense, ANYTHING less than the reality of our being as Pure Spirit’s “untrue” and we actually “made up” everything in this dream we call our physical lives!
However, the Holy Spirit utilizes the dream with all the illusions that we made to help us wake up FROM it. Imagination is the capacity we’ve to see various perspectives that offer us details beyond what our physical eyes are attached on. The creative process we undergo to “envision” something is the exact same procedure we underwent originally to dream up this imagine separation in the first location. Because we’ve this capacity to imagine, and it’s all a dream anyhow, let us make use of the dream for our highest and best function– to awaken to our connection with God and each various other.
All forms in this life, including exactly what we think of, are signs that are projected from mind. In this spiritual meditation we utilize symbols of the body and it’s energy centers, which exist in the mind. The body actually just exists within mind, not the other means around. We’ll certainly utilize the symbols of uplifting images to uplift and open our minds to associate with Spirit, the Source of all recovery.
Just as all words carry a vibration, so do all images we choose to gaze upon. We can develop any image we desire, very much like the Unifying Phrase Meditation above. Then we can use this image in the same way we utilized our unifying expressions. The variations for this are limitless! Experiment by developing any image that boosts you. To test them, see to it that when you gaze upon them in your inner vision, you feel peace, relief, delight, growth, hope and upliftment.
To get you started, I’ll share with you among the boosting images that I typically use in WellBeing Placement Sessions– Pure White Light. In a moment, I’ll take you through a White Light Reflection. You can also attempt a longer version of White Light Reflection here.
If you want, you can tape-record your own voice reviewing the words below. Or, you can review it first to obtain the general concept, then experience it. An additional choice is to read it an action at a time, then close your eyes and form the vision for that action. Then when you are ready, open your eyes and go on to the next step.
Do not be amazed if your inner vision reveals you extra things besides exactly what’s discussed below. As long as it’s boosting, choose it. This can become a kind of spiritual “journeying” which can be quite effective. Trust your impulses. You’ll have the ability to feel if you are going in the right direction by trusting your Psychological Feedback Guide and following the course that evokes positive sensations.