Our World has existed for 4.5 billion years, spinning in area, progressing, to give us Life. Suddenly, miraculously, it occurred! Around 3 billion years back, a single celled micro-organism began its amazing trip to provide us that Life. We know them today as aquatic phytoplankton- green algae.

green algae

Over 70 % of our Worlds oxygen supply comes from these microscopic ‘spinach of the sea’. They’ve an amazing capability through the process of photosynthesis to synthesize oxygen, without which, Life on our planet wouldn’t be possible.

Not surprisingly, because of their evolutionary position and longevity, a large amount of interest and science has been directed towards them these previous thirty-forty years. And, not just by oceanographic explorers. Forty years ago the research was initial, based upon supposition and anecdotal proof about the wellness advantages of making use of marine phytoplankton as a sensible food source.

The latest findings are nothing short of unbelievable!

Advanced molecular innovation suggests that these ‘plankton’, also consist of a variety of the world’s most potent and effective biological elements, of fantastic advantage to our bodies as well as our World.

Unparalleled in both the Animal and Plant Kingdom for their biological effectiveness, they deliver one of the greatest vitamin, mineral, and phytonutrient material per gram, even more than nearly other substance known!

These phytoplankton remain to amaze and influence …

For one, they include as much as 60 % protein by weight, compared with 22 % for beef. Kindly remember, that once beef is even moderately prepared, it includes 50 % less protein-11 %! Heating, frying, grilling, basically including any high heat, can destroy virtually all of the protein material within animal and fish meats.

Another truth, they’re also considered to be a ‘complete’ protein source, all nine of our crucial amino acids that we can not produce in our own bodies, are consisted of in fantastic abundance in every cell of these aquatic phytoplanktons: consisting of, nearly every other aspect in the Periodic Table of Elements, each in proper balance and absolutely bio-available to you-almost immediately!

Biologically speaking, they’re the densest and richest dietary food source on the planet. Amazingly, individuals’s lives and health have been changed and altered for life, when taking this stuff on a routine basis-every day!

So, how come we don’t hear enough about them, for our own wellness? Well for one, they don’t have as BIG a voice, or as DEEP a pocket, as do the Dairy products, Beef, or Poultry markets!

For another, these magnificent micro-organisms don’t seem as appetizing or as friendly to eat, as the majority of other things do. Many people like their critters dead prior to they eat ’em, even if they’re a powerful and healthy plant of the sea. It’s right here that I’d such as quote my preferred ocean explorer, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, ‘The future of nutrition is found in the ocean’.

Today, forty years later on, through our science and technology we’re lastly discovering the fact about the sea, and the true value of those pythonic words. Marine phytoplankton might just become our next ‘evolutionary’ food, while becoming our most efficient disease fighting agent. We stay in a chemical world, confronted by poisons at every turn. These microscopic marvels are also a powerful natural detoxifier, and purifier, they can even remove metal toxins from deep within our bodies.

Following in the steps of Cousteau, groups of dedicated explorers from all over the world have blazed their own courses of passion from within the sea. Among these daring souls has been David Wolfe, a steadfast advocate for natural and nutritionally offered foods-anywhere! He’s taken a trip the globe trying to find brand-new frontiers, brand-new foods, and new World medications … for our higher health and durability!

Thanks for bringing truth health to our table … it’s during these times that we welcome it one of the most.