Women love modification. More specifically, females love altering their look. For some, it’s the thrill of having a closet full of shoes with matching handbags. As much as I like my accessories I’d need to say that I’m a bit more speculative.

blonde hair

It all began with a few subtle highlights when I was fifteen years of ages. This single experience would be the first of numerous to come. To this day, I’m pleasantly surprised that I still have any hair left on my head. My excellent list consists of however isn’t limited to braids, weaves, lightening, braid extensions and truly bad dye tasks.

I’ll certainly never forget the time I’d the chance to work as a Hairdresser’s Assistant. I keep in mind enjoying the stylist use foils to put highlights in the customer’s hair. Somehow I was encouraged that I’d be able to do this at home. Needless to say, I didn’t attain the look I’d actually preferred. However exactly what I did handle to create was the cheetah look. I wound up going to the nearest medicine store in hopes of discovering redemption for my self-infliction.

A couple of months after giving birth to my child I discovered myself with aspirations to become the perfect blonde. I was lured to attempt it in your home but it appeared too risky. So I decided to have it skillfully bleached. To make a long story short, within a week I returned to my roots. Not just did I invest a lot of cash however I also put my hair and scalp with a great deal of despair. Now something informs me that I can not be the only individual that’s actually gone with the exact same trial and error over and over once more. My knack for repeating the same mistakes was undeniable.

I cannot possibly speak for the entire female population but I’ve actually given believed to some of the factors for this behavior. For one, the concept of being pampered when I go to the salon makes me prickle. I enjoy having my hair washed and sitting in front of the mirror and watching myself change before my very eyes. It’s the capability to handle a new persona and have some enjoyable along the method.

Sometimes my changes stem from sheer dullness and a have to shock myself and others. An ideal example is when I chose to have my hair cut and go the quickest I’ve actually ever been. I never ever had the guts to do it before and believed I’d free myself. I attempted a few virtual remodelings and employed the aid of my friends to see me through. It took me a couple of weeks to sum up the guts but I did it. I asked around to find a great stylist and made the visit.

On the day of the big chop I’d 2 of my partners accompany me. We made a day of it and enjoyed ourselves very much. The cut fit me quite well and I adjusted swiftly to my brand-new reflection. I’d a few ladies approach me and commend me on taking such a risk. They even told me how they wanted they’d the ability to do the very same. It was at this moment that I was amazed to discover simply how affixed women are to their hair.

Sometimes ladies hesitate to part with their hair because of the means they’ll certainly be seen by others, specifically their partners. I, too, was confronted with this problem but my hair has absolutely nothing to do with my relationship. This was more about developing modification in my life and doing things my method. In some cases it works and other times it becomes even more of a time consuming trouble also called a learning experience.

With that said my mission to end up being the ideal blonde was genuinely a lesson that I was taking things too far. A friend made me realize that I’d unrealistic expectations. Maybe I was requesting for the impossible and so I’ve actually chosen to make peace with my hair.

My brand-new goal is to grow out my hair and no more fiddling with the color. I understand that it’ll certainly not be an easy job however with some patience anything is possible. Now what’ll I do to satisfy my yearning for modification? Nail polish?