Basic Yoga Workout for Dummies

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Yoga, which has its roots in Indian culture, is a discipline that incorporates physical motions with mental awareness and, commonly, a spiritual part. Teacher Sarah Ivanhoe reveals you basic postures and discusses breathing strategies, tension relief and ways to construct muscle tone in ‘Standard Yoga Workout for Dummies.’ The DVD consists of an added intermediate level exercise for people who want to advance past the beginner poses. Ivanhoe stars in a number of other fitness videos consisting of ‘Crunch: The Delight of Yoga’ and ‘Sara Ivanhoe’s Body Transformation Series.’


A yoga educator considering that 1995, Ivanhoe ideals you use comfy clothes, do not consume before your exercise and drink plenty of water after the exercise. Set up a chair and a band after developing a relaxed environment for the exercise. Ivanhoe shows correct breathing demonstrating how to slowly breathe with your nose, developing a whooshing sound just like the ocean with each inhale and exhale.

Cat Pose

Sit on a comfy cushion on the floor to begin. Relocate to your hands and knees for the cat position, curving your back as you bring your head downward, pulling your chin to your chest. Exhale totally as you assume this posture. Lift and extend your head up as you gently push your abdominal areas towards the floor. Your spinal column will curve downwards. Inhale with your nose as you hold this pose as long as is comfy.

Cobra Pose

The cobra is another standard pose for novice yoga pupils. Lie flat on the floor with your belly down and your legs directly. Turned up onto either your elbows or hands. If you’re a newbie, you might wish to start on your elbows. Raise your head slowly, arching your back towards the floor and seek out. Hold this posture as you breathe in deeply. You can hold this pose and duplicate or you can come up and down numerous times prior to resting.

Standing Poses

Standing postures consist of the mountain pose, the standing forward flex, the lunge, and the standing side stretch position. She instructs you to place your feet securely on the ground during these exercises for stability. The exercises help you to extend your arms, legs and core muscles, ligaments and ligaments, which can help increase your versatility.

Other Poses

Ivanhoe demonstrates 2 seated postures for beginners: the seated spinal twist and the seated forward flex. She mentions that these exercises benefit digestion and assistance increase the adaptability of the spine. The DVD consists of downward-facing pet and child’s pose. Ivanhoe stresses that breathing throughout each exercise will help your muscles unwind, making the exercises simpler to perform.