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Contrary to the mistaken belief that yoga is just for versatile individuals, yoga is exactly what helps lots of people become flexible. Some postures certainly aren’t for beginners and are only appropriate for individuals with a higher degree of versatility, but yoga also offers simple positions that beginners may perform safely. The Sanskrit word for a yoga posture is asana, which equates as pose, posture or position.

Standing Forward Fold

The Standing Forward Fold is an usual position that starts numerous yoga sequences. Also called the Standing Forward Bend or Visit Knees position, it stretches the hips, hamstrings and calf bones. It’s relaxing and beneficial for decreasing anxiety. To perform carry out a Standing Forward Fold, start standing upright with your hands in prayer position at your chest. This is known as Mountain pose. Then, flex forward from the hips and fold your upper body onto your thighs.


Cobra is an easy position that normally leads into and follows Down Dog in yoga. The Cobra posture stretches the front of the torso, making your spine more flexible and opening the chest. It’s relaxing for sciatica and valuable for asthma sufferers. To perform Cobra position, push your abdominal areas with the elbows bent and pointing toward the ceiling. Tuck the elbows into your sides. Then, press your upper body away from the floor and look forward as you retract your shoulders. The back curves. Straighten your arms just as far as you comfortably are able. Ultimately the arms need to be straight, however beginners can utilize this position to slowly pursue gaining that versatility. The Cobra present gets ready for the advanced Upward-facing Pet dog present, where the hips lift off the floor too.

Downward-Facing Dog

Downward-Facing Pet is one of yoga’s best-known presents. It stretches the back of the body from the shoulders to the calf bones. Your legs and arms get more powerful from exercising this posture. Down Canine is useful for decreasing discomfort triggered by plantar fasciitis in the feet and calves as well as is helpful for sciatica, high blood pressure and sinus problems. To do Down Canine, kneel onto all fours or start in Cobra. Then, move your hips toward the ceiling and push your heels into the floor to correct your legs. Push through your first or middle fingers also. Squeeze your abdominal areas to flatten your back.

Easy Pose

Easy Pose is basically sitting with the legs crossed. This posture generally closes a class and often starts a series also. Practitioners do reflection and recite mantras in this position. Sitting in Easy Pose stretches the muscles around your ankles and knees. It likewise is a preparation for Half Lotus and Lotus poses, which are more advanced postures. Rather of merely crossing your legs comfortably, Half Lotus involves raising your bottom leg from Easy Pose and putting the within of your foot on the fold of your contrary thigh and hip. You need to then drop the knee toward the floor to open the hip. Lotus Pose involves placing both feet on the contrary thighs. Always sit up directly in Easy or Lotus Pose with the chest lifted and the ‘sit bones’ firmly on the floor. This enhances your back.