Basic Yoga Morning Routines

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According to the old yogis, the very early hours of the morning are a sacred time of day. In those hours, the earth’s energy is full of possibility for the coming day. A first blush yoga practice is stated to assist harness that energy.

In useful terms, practicing yoga first thing in the early morning is a great way to begin your day. Reflection and breath work can provide you with focus for the day, whereas yoga positions can stimulate you and result in overall health and fitness.

Morning Meditation

Meditation is a yogic device made use of to silent and focus the mind. There are a number of various meditation techniques ranging from simple breathing to chanting.

The Kundalini yoga custom has a very unique morning reflection called The Early morning Call. The Morning Call reflection is practiced by sitting in an easy cross-legged position. While breathing deeply, you chant ‘Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Expert.’ in Sanskrit, this chant methods ‘One Developer developed this Creation. Truth is His Name. Great beyond description is His infinite knowledge.’

Poses and Exercise

Yoga positions in the morning should wake up and energize the body. Sun salutations are a wonderful option for an early morning yoga regimen. Combing breath, motion, extending, strength training and inversions, sun salutations have all the elements of a total yoga practice.

Start with a couple of rounds of half sun salutation by standing in mountain pose and breathing out into a forward fold. As soon as the body feels warm, flow into 3 to five rounds of sun salutation A. Sun salutation A guides you through forward folds, plank pose, upward-facing pet and downward-facing pet.

Whatever yoga postures you choose, always done with Savasana, or corpse position. Rest in this position for a few minutes.


For many, an early morning yoga practice may seem impossible to fit in with the demands of work advertisement household. Nonetheless, allotting simply 15 to 30 mins a few times a week can offer mental and physical benefits throughout the day.
Do not fear if you aren’t an early morning person, yoga is beneficial no issue when it’s practiced. Nevertheless, a late-day practice ought to contain more corrective postures than an early morning practice.

Other Yogic Tools

In addition to poses and reflection, Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, offers various other helpful morning routines. To wake-up your digestive system, attempt drinking a warm cup of water with lemon or lime. To wake-up the skin, try self-massage and skin exfoliation.