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Kundalini yoga was given North America in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan. This sort of yoga is a mix of spiritual and physical practices mixing motion, breathing, and the chanting of mantras. The belief in Kundalini yoga is that serpent power lies inactive at the base of the spine and needs to be drawn up with the 7 chakras, or energy points in the body. Fundamental positions of Kundalini yoga promote glands, organs, and body awareness.

Easy Pose

Begin the simple posture from a seated position on the floor. To carry out easy pose, sit with your legs crossed at the ankles. Sit upright and press the lower spinal column into the floor to assist keep the back straight. Breathe normally through the nose and mouth. Hold this posture while taking deep breaths for 1 to 2 minutes or up until the pose becomes uncomfortable.

Lotus Pose

The lotus posture is a development of simple position. To carry out the lotus position, raise the left foot onto the upper right thigh and place the best foot on the left thigh as close to the hips as possible. This pose is quickly composed the middle or at the end of yoga practice for minutes or hours and is designed to enhance deep meditation. In this posture, the ideal leg is always on top.

Eagle Pose

This position is begun from the lotus pose. With the legs crossed, extend both arms to 60 degrees while keeping the elbows straight. Curl the fingers in toward the palms without making a fist and point the thumbs up toward the sky. Breathe generally and hold this position for 1 to 2 minutes. This yoga present is stated to enhance your aura and electromagnetic field.

Cat-Cow Pose

The cat-cow position apparently clears the diaphragm and abdomen of emotional trash. To carry out the posture, start on all fours with the hands and knees on the ground and the back in a neutral position. Exhale and bring your head in toward your chest while arching your back up toward the ceiling. Inhale and curve the back, bringing the abdominal areas toward the floor. After carrying out the arch followed by relaxation activity, return to beginning position with the back in neutral position. Carry out the cat-cow present for 3 to 4 repeatings prior to moving on to the next present of your practice.


Kundalini yoga is a gentle practice, however injury is possible. If a Kundalini position is uneasy, skip it and perform a more comfortable present. Stay within your convenience zone when practicing yoga and move at a sensible pace. The warm-up portion of any workout program is important. Kundalini yoga sessions should begin with sun-salutation poses that heat up the body and prepare it for yoga practice.