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Even if you are not looking for the quick track to world peace, investing a couple of minutes a day meditating can reduce anxiety, help you handle chronic pain and enhance your concentration. A standard meditation method includes controlled breathing and a peaceful area.

Step 1

Find a place where you won’t be interrupted for a minimum of 15 minutes. Remove any distractions in the location: close the doors, set your cellular phone to ‘quiet’ or put the cat out.

Step 2

Sit comfortably on your chair or cushion, with your back straight and your palms resting in your lap. Lower your eyes until you’re looking at a point about 3 feet ahead of you on the floor, or close your eyes if you want.

Step 3

Inhale slowly, permitting your lungs to fill as far as they’re comfy. Exhale and permit the lungs to empty without requiring them.

Step 4

Continue to breathe easily, allowing your breaths to become much deeper and slower as you unwind. Focus your attention on the breaths streaming in and out of your body.

Step 5

Acknowledge the ideas that pop up in your mind, however don’t get caught up in them. Instead, permit them to come up and then drift away. If you catch yourself following a particular idea, return your attention gently but firmly to your breathing.

Step 6

Sit and focus on your breathing for about five minutes. When you prepare to stop meditating for the day, open your eyes and rock your body back and forth a couple of times on the chair or cushion to ‘wake it up.’ Then, stand gradually.