Ballet Exercises for Fifth Grade

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Fifth-graders who delight in dance can benefit greatly from the lots of benefits of ballet training. When done regularly, ballet working outs build strength, boost flexibility, promote self-discipline and offer an emotional and artistic outlet for pre-teens. Girls of 10 or 11 who’re on the edge of puberty can use ballet to remain healthy and develop a positive attitude towards their altering or soon-to-be-changing bodies. If your fifth-grader has shown an interest in ballet, support her desire to try something new by enrolling her in a ballet class for pre-teens.

Ballet Barre

Exercises at the ballet barre – such as plies, releves, degages and grand battements– construct muscle strength in the core, legs and feet while increasing flexibility and promoting good posture. When a pre-teen performs barre workouts, she focuses on correct positioning, which can assist her establish body awareness, poise and positive self-image. She also establishes her ability to concentrate, focus and follow instructions, according to Lori Lahnemann, previous professional dancer and current director of the Philadelphia Dance Academy. Gradually, working out at the barre two or 3 times a week will lead to enhancements in a student’s ballet strategy, and she’ll feel rewarded for her self-discipline and effort.

Center Work

Physical and psychological modifications that happen during pre-adolescence can lead pre-teens to feel awkward and uncoordinated. When doing ballet working outs in the center of the room, away from the support of the barre, ballet students get a better sense of balance and find out to move with greater ease and coordination. Movement combinations carried out in the center consist of many steps connected together and are typically improved by motions of the head and arms. Learning to incorporate quickly, sophisticated footwork with a stylish torso and arms can assist a girl feel more graceful and self-assured in the dance studio, in school and in other social settings.

Across the Floor

Physical activity that benefits the cardio system and assists with weight upkeep is crucial for kids of any ages, and the establishment of good fitness practices throughout the primary school years sets the stage for a lifetime of exercise. Ballet exercises that travel across the floor, consisting of large leaps, turns and jumps, challenge the cardiovascular system and burn calories, which can help pre-teens stay healthy, control their weight and preserve their heart health as they enter adolescence.


When choosing a ballet class for your pre-teen, try to find an educator who keeps a positive, encouraging mindset. Enjoyable fitness activities such as ballet can play an essential function in a pre-teen’s life, however there are significant risks related to extreme ballet training. Ballet is typically associated with specific clinical conditions to which pre-teens are susceptible, consisting of the development of eating conditions and a cessation of month-to-month durations. If you suspect your child is working out obsessively, appears to be slimming down at an alarming rate, has an unhealthy body image or shows other indications of grief, discuss the issue with her doctor.