Warm-up Exercises for Ballet Dance
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Ballet warm-up works out serve to keep your body safe and get your mind focused. Your ballet warm-up frequently begins at the barre. The barre provides structure and support for remote movements that may challenge balance and strength. According to the American Ballet Theatre, barre warm-up includes positions such as plies, a range of battements and adagio. These movements are likewise practiced in the facility of the floor and while taking a trip across the floor.


Plies open your joints and help develop muscle in your lower body. You can do either a demi-plie or a grand plie. A demi-plie methods your knees flex, heels remain on the floor and you come down about halfway down. A grand plie implies that you flex all the way down with your heels turning up off the floor.


The hips, legs and feet continue to warm up through the battement exercises. Battement is a beating-like motion with either a bent or straight leg. There are five kinds of battement workouts: battement tendu, battement degage, battement fondus, battement frappes and the marvelous battement. You can carry out each in 3 directions: to the front, side and back. Battements, like plies, help develop correct placement of hips, knees and foot turn-out.

Ronds de Jambe

Rond de jambe is a round motion of either the entire leg of just the leg from the knee down. ‘Rond de jambe a terre’ means on the ground and focuses on warming up the hips as well as building strength in your legs. ‘Rond de jambe en l’air’ indicates in the air and concentrates on warming up the knees in addition to strength building. Both should be done in an inward and outside instructions for maximum warm up.

Upper Body Warm-Up

‘Positions de bras’ describes the numerous arm positions in ballet. While at the barre, usually one hand leans on the barre for gentle support. The other arm is framing the body in a matching position. Practice 5 positions of the hands and arms, initially through 5th– in front of hips, in front of chest, above head, out at either side or down together with hips– highlighting an elongated neck and spinal column.

Warm-Up Safety

Make particular the studio floor is clean and barres are safely secured to the wall or floor stand. Warm-ups ought to be done in correct ballet outfit– leotard, tights and ballet slippers– with added layers to insulate joints such as leg warmers and a coat. If you’re brand-new to ballet, follow guidelines and go simple. If you’re recovering from an injury, talk to a physician prior to resuming ballet, even the warm-up session.