There’s no doubt that yoga has actually become a world wide phenomenon. Ladies and gentlemen from all walks of life are searching for tranquility in a difficult, gadget addicted society. For some it’s a day-to-day practice and a possibility to inwardly access, for others simply a weekly repair to zen out. Despite the reasons that bring people to yoga, the question is, are they sharing the essence of the class in other areas of life?

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Without the spiritual or inner trip of a yoga class you merely have a series of beneficial stretches and poses for your health. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, those that consider themselves modern yogis ought to make an effort to apply the work they’ve actually done to every moment in their lives, on or off the mat. We can call this homework, or soul work possibly. For every physical action there’s an uniformly dispersed quantity of energy towards the spiritual body.

In class we exercise the concept of oneness, the concept that we’re all part of the Divine. When we have left class, does that message stop us from cutting somebody off in traffic, or responding badly when we’re being cut-off? Does it stop us from judging others and ourselves harshly? Being envious or feeling absence? Treating our bodies like a food vacuum when we’re stressed?

I just recently went to a drop-in yoga class in Santa Monica California. I was shocked to discover that at numerous points through out the class the teacher was texting while we held poses. I felt cheated of my experience. If the teacher herself can not be in the moment, how in the world can we anticipate it from anyone else?

Another quick example sought a hot yoga course at a studio I frequently go to. After a fantastic meditation concentrating on giving and getting love, I found myself captured in a whirlwind of gossiping ladies as I toweled off and tried to obtain the message of the course. I was baffled that within 60 seconds of this loving focus they could forget as if it had no impact on them at all.

Conversely, I’ve actually had yoga instructors who practice what they preach so deeply that I feel genuinely linked to a higher power while they advise. Every one of those classes has brought me closer and better to my higher self. Is not that what we’re all searching for? An abundance of peace within ourselves available at all times?

How can we keep in mind the sensation of serenity we’ve discovered during the most stressful moments of our day? I’m not suggesting in anyway that one has to be a best human since they practice yoga. I am simply suggesting we all become a bit more self aware to record the true values of yoga and the exceptional effects it can carry ones life.

You do not need to be a martyr, it can be as easy as having a little more perseverance with somebody in your life, or yourself for that matter, reaching out to that person you know has been in requirement, smiling more and looking individuals in the eye when you talk with them, calming yourself down in an argument and asking yourself why you’ve become so agitated. Being a yogi implies diving inside yourself while staying in the moment. It holds true awareness, once it’s reached the possibilities are endless.