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I know this Challenge Pose may not look as difficult as others, however this one is a concealed gem. Obviously, it’s difficult in the hip and hamstring division, however Side-Reclining Leg Lift is rather the trip on the core roller coaster. This seemingly innocent lounge-like posture requires a lots of abdominal engagement to maintain the balance without toppling over (which is in fact rather fun). I compare the movements in this post to being a fish out of water, your body will do an intriguing dance to stay in the shape of the present.

So, skip the crunches and inform Navasana to sail ship. Let us work our core in the ‘chill’ means today, and produce some fascinating fishy choreography. Dive in, fishies!

Step 1:

It starts rather basic. Lie on your side on your yoga mat. The goal is to line up your entire body flush with the edge of the mat. Start with your bottom heel (keep your foot bent) and then continue along the line of your leg. Line up your hip with your heel and afterwards prop yourself up on your bottom elbow with your head in your hand. Gently corset your ribs together so that the upper back stays along the edge of the mat. Adjust the angle of your bottom elbow to be in line with the mat. You can keep your top foot and hand on the ground in front of you for balance. Examine your shoulder to make certain everything is straight and prepared to go.

Step 2:


Once your body is in a long straight line, flex your leading knee and place the sole of that foot in front of your bottom thigh. Readjust your foot so that the toes and knee cap point toward your flexed base foot. Bring the pinky edge of your bent knee foot flush with your inner thigh. Place your top hand to the within of the leading thigh and carefully press back to open your hips and motivate external rotation. There’s a tendency to pitch the low back and puff the ribs. Neutralize this by zippering your tailbone towards your flexed foot and drawing your front ribs in as if you simply tightened a corset around your ribcage.

Step 3:


Keep the action of your tailbone and ribcage as you hook your leading leg huge toe with your leading hand. Before you extend your leading leg reaffirm the flex of the base foot and the engagement of the base leg. This leg will be your anchor to prevent you from falling. Gradually extend your leading leg towards a straight position keeping the top shoulder in the socket. Externally turn the top leg taking the heel forward and toes back. Right here’s where the dance starts, don’t panic is your body wobbles, this is regular. Just keep the intention of the anchored base leg, long tailbone and corseted ribcage. Unwind your stare and going on your hand. Try to opt for a strong 8 breaths or longer if you are feeling inspired. Switch over sides.