All Natural Yoga Mats

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According to Yoga Journal, traditional yoga mats contain polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. The production of PVC is stated to have an adverse result on the environment, releasing undesirable dioxins into the air and water. Phthalates are likewise contributed to conventional mat product to assist make them spongy and versatile. These chemicals may have hazardous results on your hormones. There are, nonetheless, numerous yoga mat alternatives made of all-natural products available for purchasing.

Jade Yoga Mat

According to Yoga Diary, Jade yoga mats include no PVC or various other synthetic rubber products. They’re made from natural tree rubber. Jade declares that these mats still provide an optimum sticky area to assist support you throughout your yoga practice. These mats are also said to be comfy and resilient. The mats can be found in a selection of colors and rates based upon thickness and quality. Jade even offers smaller sized yoga mats created children.

Health and Yoga Grass Mat

Yoga Journal likewise details the Lawn Yoga Mat from Health and Yoga, which is made from all-natural materials and eco-friendly compounds. It’s a latex rubber backing so that it can grip the floor easily. The natural structure of the grass mat is said to have an acupressure-type impact for the feet. This mat gauges 2 by 6 feet and has an ornamental jacquard border. Wellness and Yoga claims this kind of mat is exceptional for Ashtanga or Hatha yoga practice.

Eco Yoga Jute Mat

Scotland-based business Eco Yoga makes all its mats in the Uk to prevent any child-labor production. The jute structure on top has a thin undercoat made of natural rubber material to avoid slippage. They come in four colors and four variations, with a routine 6-foot mat and an extra-length 7-foot mat.

Rawganique Hemp Yoga Mat

Rawganique also provides a yoga mat made of 100 percent naturally grown European hemp in a sweatshop-free environment. It comes in a variety of colors and is suggested for a bikram or hot yoga class since it can take in sweat more easily than a rubber sticky mat. You can equipment wash the mat in cold water and lay it flat to dry. The mats are said to have a good thickness and are soft to the touch.