All Natural Yoga Mat

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Natural yoga mats are constructed of naturally degradable or recyclable resources. Different kinds of natural yoga mats are produced, consisting of lawn, hemp and rubber mats. Natural yoga mats have to be maintained in a different way than regular yoga mats but, if you understand how to care for them, they’ll last a very long time.

PVC Yoga Mats

According to Cynthia Morris in the Yoga Journal, routine yoga mats consist of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, which is unsafe to the environment. PVC launches chemicals throughout the life of the yoga mat and when it’s at some point disposed of in a dump. In addition, chemicals called phthalates are contributed to yoga mats to preserve their adaptability. According to the Environmental Working Team site, studies have shown that phthalates lower semen counts, increase the danger of liver cancer cells and interfere with the endocrine system.


Using a natural yoga mat has a number of advantages. Natural yoga mats are made from renewable, eco-friendly resources that don’t damage the environment. In addition, natural yoga mats don’t include damaging chemicals. Natural yoga mats, such as those made from grass, aid you preserve a natural grip for a yoga posture, without the use of chemicals in the mat’s materials. Natural yoga mats are likewise easy to maintain.


According to the Ohio Yoga website, natural yoga mats should be wiped down or cleaned with warm water and a cleansing representative, depending on the type of resource that it’s built from. You can make use of a natural spray as a cleaning agent, such as a spray made with important oils. In addition, you’ve to hang natural yoga mats to dry. A lot of makers of natural yoga mats offer particular instructions for yoga mat care.


Organic hemp yoga mats are made from hemp yarns that don’t contain any chemicals. Rubber yoga mats are made from rubber trees. According to the Natural Yoga Mats website, rubber yoga mats provide a strong grip for different types of yoga practices and poses. Rubber mats are likewise machine washable. Turf yoga mats are made from dried yard and are specifically appropriate for gentle yoga practices such as hatha yoga. Cotton yoga mats are made from natural, natural cotton. Jute yoga mats are made from a sustainable natural veggie fiber called jute. Jute yoga mats are naturally degradable, devoid of chemicals and durable.