Aging, a process of aging is natural and hence inescapable. As aging comes across with numerous health problems, mental disruptions and social distraction, it becomes the most frustrating part of everybody’s life. All these issues interfere with daily routine of an individual and make life more troublesome.

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Besides this incorrect nutrition, absence of workout, poor-quality sleep, amnesia, vision problem, hearing problems, impairment’s associated limitation of activities, side-effects of medicine, economic insecurities, and social isolation and sensation of closer to the death make the aging more baffling.

Many studies have discovered that yoga and meditation addresses old age problems and succeeds in enhancing the quality of life in addition to enhancing longevity in older individuals.

Deal with Chronic Diseases

Regular yoga practice cares for risk elements connected with persistent diseases during old age, therefore such illness are easier to keep at bay.

Yoga practice is more reliable in managing hypertension level, normalizing blood sugar level and cholesterol profile and reducing body weight. All such elements help to ward off heart problem, diabetes, and stroke and connected issues.

Specific asanas performed during yoga stretch the joints and connected muscles and allow smooth and pain-free joint movements and thus relieve the discomfort of arthritis.

Breathing workouts, stretching and back motions of yoga increase the strength and efficiency of the breathing muscles and boost the workout tolerance and for this reason useful in persistent breathing troubles such as bronchitis.

Cope with Mental Disturbances

Mental disruptions such as tension, depression or anxiety, are excellent problems in aging. Yoga is known to enhanced mood, energy, tiredness and health.

According to Harvard Health Publication, yoga modulates stress feedback system within a body by reducing viewed tension and anxiety. This decreases the physiological arousal such as increased heart rate, high blood pressure and fast breathing.

Laughter yoga, a mix of unconditioned laughter and yogic breathing, is discovered to reduce depression and boost life fulfillment among senior depressed ladies reported on Pubmed.

Treat Memory Loss

Memory loss or dementia becomes severe when it interferes with the quality of life of a person. Memory loss in aging could be the indicator of Alzheimer’s or associated neurological diseases. Until now, there’s no effective treatment technique for memory loss.

Yoga and reflection technique asserts to enhance the brain functions by enhancing blood flow and oxygenation. Calm and clear mind favors concentration, attention, visual perception and processing of sensory information. All these aspects treat amnesia efficiently.

Prevent Fall

Improper balancing, weak point, chronic conditions and inadequate vision boosts opportunities of fall in senior. Fall can lead to small injury to significant fracture causing extreme handicap and subsequently dependency.

Yoga poses stretches joints and muscles and develops balance in the body. Moreover, yoga makes a body more powerful and versatile. Apart from them, yoga assists in enhancing quality, concentration, and judgement power of mind controlling the brain impulse to adjust body and prevent from falling.

Induce Quality Sleep

Aging is related to sleeping problem and poor sleep causes aging much faster.

Yoga is understood to enhance both quality and amount of sleep and sense of wellness. Breathing workouts and reflection has relaxing results on your mind and body, which induces excellent quality sleep in elder.

Do not think about old age as an awkward but practice yoga and add quality days to your life.