Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

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Yoga Partnership is the national education organization that provides sophisticated instructor training. This assists maintain an optimum level of quality and consistency in the instruction of yoga for the well-being of the general public. Advanced teacher training includes a 500-hour direction program.

Registerd Programs

To find the right program, start by asking at your local yoga center if it provides an innovative educator training program or has information on studios that provide one near you and is licensed by Yoga Partnership. This will make sure the program’s educational program satisfies the standards Yoga Alliance has for you to register as an advanced yoga teacher after conclusion of training. Check the Yoga Alliance list of signed up yoga schools to compare your options.

What to Expect

Advanced yoga educator training is geared toward skilled yoga instructors who wish to further their dedication and yogic studies. For an innovative yoga teacher training to be legitimate with Yoga Alliance, it needs to satisfy or go beyond the following standards: provide training in strategies, teach approach as well as instruction in anatomy and physiology, yoga approach, way of living and principles, and offer electives and hours of practice where instructors get feedback from fellow pupils and the instructor offering the training.


Advanced yoga educator training lasts 500 hours, which are distributed as follows: 30 hours for teaching method, 150 hours for techniques training and practice, 35 hours for anatomy and physiology, 60 hours of yoga viewpoint, way of life and ethics, 40 hours of practice and 185 hours of electives, which could consist of a focus on a certain style of yoga, such as ashtanga or hatha.


The expense of a specific sophisticated yoga educator training relies on the studio. Expenses can vary from $2,500 to $3,500. Extensive programs tend to cost less in the long run if they’re held outside of where you live, because you won’t should commute as frequently or have several trip expenditures as you can rent an area throughout of your course or work from the yoga studio if it offers lodging for pupils.