I am not your common yoga specialist. When you consider someone who practices yoga, you may get an image in your mind of somebody really tranquil, very grounded, really cautious, vegan and/or on a raw food diet plan. I usually think of some of the Kundalini folk in their flowing white bathrobes when I think about ‘typical’ yoga practitioners. That’s not me at all.


I’ve absolutely no patience, I am sassy, outspoken, blunt, and I can generally be found doing 15 things simultaneously. I move fast, I think quickly, and I am commonly considered spontaneous. It’s just my character and way of life, I do things swiftly, and I do a lot of things. I am a foodie and I couldn’t see myself drinking kale healthy smoothies or doing cleanses.

So I’ve no idea where the desire to take a yoga class originated from. My close friend Dina was constantly talking about her wonderful yoga classes, and considering that she’s someone I admire significantly I thought perhaps yoga was something I must try, therefore I registered for some initial Hatha classes at my regional yoga studio. Independently, I believed the courses were very pricey for exactly what in my cynical mind amounted to fancy stretching, however I needed to get out of our home and far from my heavy work schedule, and this was as good a factor as any.

I hadn’t been that impressed with my courses or instructor initially, as it seemed extremely sluggish and afflicted and silly. I was not in excellent physical shape then either, so holding downward facing canine for what looked like an extremely long time simply was not possible. It was quickly very clear to me just how much I’d disregarded my body as we found out the positions, one by one. And savasana? Forget it. I might no more lay still and merge the earth than I might base on my head.

But gradually I started to look forward to the yoga courses, and I found myself practicing yogic breathing when I was feeling anxious beyond course. Gradually, yoga began to creep into my life and my brain. I discovered myself stabilizing in tree present as I went through my day, or using my canine’s back to do half moon pose. Little moments like that began to appear in my life, whenever I was still, I’d get into a yoga pose.

When my introductory classes were over, I signed up with the regular studio and started going to drop-in courses. This studio offered traditional Hatha courses and power Vinyasa classes in a space warmed to 100 degrees.

Yoga, in a room heated to 100 degrees. I needed to laugh. As if I ‘d ever torture myself that method. I’d enjoy the people that’d emerge from the hot studio after class, in their Lulu Lemon shorts, soaked in sweat, and marvel who’d ever do that to themselves. I indicate, what a faddish principle this was.

But this is where, naturally, I was extremely cynical, terribly close-minded, and terribly wrong. I continued in my Hatha classes, however for someone like me who preferred to be on the go, they were just a bit too sluggish in pace. I was getting progressively in strength and capability, and I found myself eager to try brand-new positions and move more, but since the Hatha classes were mostly populated by older and/or less physically able folk, I was in the minority there.

So plainly the answer to my desire to move more and advance further in my practice, was to try the hot Vinyasa courses. I skirted around the concept for a few months, and asked the studio owner a thousand questions about them. I do not like to be hot. I get overheated easily, and even something like a glass of red wine will send me into a flush. I was also considerably overweight, and frankly I was not sure that my body might handle hot yoga. I don’t truly have the figure for the hot yoga shorts that they all seemed to wear, and I was awfully uncomfortable about how I looked in contrast to the other students.

Well, my first hot course was not a fantastic success, I’ll confess. I was thorough and dedicated, and I made it 3 quarters of the way with, however when we flipped our dogs, the room spun and I needed to go bursting out of there and take gasping breaths in the cool air of the hallway until my heart stopped thumping. I was quite sure that was my last hot yoga course ever.

But something really vital taken place. I got in touch with two of the educators at the studio, Andrea and Darlene, who in my time at the studio started taking bootcamps with Baron Baptiste, and teaching during that style, and eventually went on to become completely licensed Baptiste yoga instructors.

In Baptiste-style yoga, I discovered a house. I began taking hot yoga courses 3 times a week to practice this great style of yoga. In Baptiste courses, every position is streamed to via the Sun Salutations, and it’s a really reasonable, extremely powerful, really moving yoga course that uses terrific energy and focus to do. There was no agonizing slowness and stillness in a position, there was challenge and activity and heat and every course taught me something new, not only about yoga but about myself and what I can do.

I suddenly lost 40 pound without really seeing, one day my pants fell off and everyone started mentioning on how fantastic I looked. I kept going to hot yoga in spite of not truly suching as hot yoga since of its hotness. I’d a point in every course where I made certain I ‘d die and I did not die.

I’ve carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists and for that reason some postures are not that easily accessible to me and I’ve to modify, however I kept trying, and kept pressing myself, and one night I turned into my first complete wheel ever. Darlene was teaching and she got splits in her eyes. I began to do it once more and once more, and it constantly felt like a victory.

I am still sassy and outspoken, I still do a lot of things, and I still have limited persistence. But yoga, even at a power Vinyasa speed, taught me a great deal about pressing my limits and yet respecting them, and ways to be cautious in doing so. Baptiste yoga, like it was designed to, taught me to become the best me I might be, to become my authentic self. I still choose to exercise non-hot yoga, but I can make it all the means with a hot course. I found out the difference in between striving and attempting simple. I found out that your wheel is not there every night, however it’s there enough that it’s worth pursuing whenever.

I get nervous a large amount, that’s another part of my personality comprise. There’s nothing that settles me down like a Baptiste yoga class. It supercharges the facets of myself that are effective, and reminds me to be in the minute, no matter how short lived that moment is.

I love Baptiste yoga since I can still be me, my authentic, sassy, outbound, foodie self, but I am simply a much better version of that me with this yoga practice. I don’t have to develop into an extremely Zen individual who lives on leafy eco-friendlies, as some in the yoga world seem to do, I can still be opinionated and cook fancy meals and refrain cleanses, but still practice yoga and recover my spirit and my body, gradually.

The thing I like best about yoga is that there’s a place in it for everybody, for each personality, even those of us who seem completely unsuited to yoga on paper. I am very grateful for my yoga practice and to have the opportunity to share this with you.