edie-falcoEdie Falco, an awesome starlet and all-around sassy sister you ‘d entirely wish to invest a day with, invests her Sundays scooting around the city, seeing Broadway programs and hanging out at reflection class. We told you. That’s about as hang-outable as it gets.

Judging by the characters she’s played (see ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘Nurse Jackie’), meditation might be the last thing one would connect to Edie Falco. However as a vegetarian and mom of two, the Emmy-winning actress is also a devoted meditator, according to the New York Times’ day-in-the-life ‘Sunday Routine’ column. Falco’s Sunday morning starts early – 6:30 or 7am – but in a perfect world it would be around 9am and she ‘d have time to ‘meditate briefly.’ But there’s time for that later on when she goes to reflection class.

QUIET TIME At 11 o’clock I go to my Buddha course at the Kadampa Reflection Center on 24th Street. I meditate and take a class. On Sunday mornings, a great deal of families go to church. This is my variation of that, I expect. It’s made me calmer, more quiet, even more tranquil. There’s likewise a youngsters’s course from 11 to 12:30. I’ve actually taken them along, but I don’t wish to push it on them. If they appear interested, they come. If they do not, they don’t.

Carmela meditates! Seriously, we think this, and she, is very cool. We constantly saw a little zen behind some of the zaniness of her characters.