yoga bikram


Stretches as well as tones your hamstrings, reinforces your stomach muscle mass, increases blood circulation to your digestive system.


1. Lie on your back as well as bring your left knee into your chest. Position your left index and also center fingers in between the big and 2nd toes of your left foot. Wrap your thumb around to grasp the big toe (a.k.a. a yogi hold).
2. Inhale as well as concurrently straighten out both legs. If you have difficulty triggering your bottom leg, start with your knees a little angled and also all-time lows of your feet versus a wall. By pressing right into the wall, you’ll have the ability to more quickly trigger your appropriate leg muscles.
3. Area your right hand on your right thigh to ground the appropriate leg.
4. Contract the quadriceps of your left leg to stretch the left hamstrings. You need to really feel a stretch in the tummy, or center, of your hamstrings. If you really feel stretch or pressure by your resting bone, then move the external left hip down, toward your right foot, to lengthen your left waistline and also shift the stretch.
5. Exhale to engage Mula Bandha and also increase your head and also shoulders. Bend your left arm down to stay clear of tension in your neck, and also draw your left leg toward your forehead without bending the knee.
6. Breathe easily with your nose for 10 rounds.
7. Inhale to release your left toe, exhale to lower your leg to the floor.
8. Repeat on the other side.

Avoid These Common Mistakes

Don’t bend either knee. This presses the stretch out of your hamstrings and right into the ligaments near your sitting bones, where most hamstring pressures or tears occur.
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Don’t pull on the upper leg so considerably that you lift the reduced leg off the flooring. If your lower leg does not remain grounded, you will not experience the complete merits of the hamstring stretch.