I’ve been a yoga practitioner for thirty years and a yoga instructor for sixteen years. I’ve experienced improvement in my own life through a constant yoga practice. Balance and consistency are internal states that manifest externally. Yoga is a device to access the people inner-landscape to witness the process. I approach my inner-landscape with curiosity and a sense of experience, this develops internal balance so my life unfolds naturally and in magical ways.

A day-to-day yoga practice keeps and supports a sense of balance and consistency in my life. Some of the advantages of cultivating these qualities are better wellness, enhanced self-confidence, and a deep sense of peace. Any understandings uncovered on the mat will transform daily life.

half moon pose

I produced the following series of 7 postures to bring about a sensation of flow, connection, and stability. I suggest the practitioner do the sequence 3 times (on each side) then rest in relaxation. The postures can be held for as long as they’re comfortable. This series is for the beginner and skilled specialist. It’s an outstanding sequence to exercise in the morning. Begin with the aware breathing.

Breathing Practices

Breath comes naturally to us, but we’re superficial breathers. In order to enjoy the rejuvenating balancing benefits of the breath, we not only need to breathe deeply, however fluidly. Yoga students will frequently force the breath so, rather of welcoming relaxation and openness, anxiety is created. When doing a breathing practice we’ve to have our breath flow organically without constriction. I’ve actually consisted of two basic practices below.

Master these before moving on to more involved breathing practices. These will certainly not only help you in improving the depth of your breath, but will also reveal you where your breath might be constricted. As soon as you’ve actually integrated these breathing practices bring them into your postures to perk up the poses. You can do these strategies sitting in a chair, in a cross leg position on the floor, or on your back with your knees bent.

Lower Abdominal Breath

You can do this breath anywhere. It’s the most versatile yoga breathing strategy that stabilizes the body, mind, and spirit. Take an unwinded inhale with your nostrils and balloon out your lower belly (below the navel). Exhale through your nostrils and draw your lower belly in towards your spine. When you breathe in once again expand your lower stomach location far from you. Continue this breathing until the practice feels full. This breath pumps energy into the lower abdominal location and disperses it to other locations of the body. Place your hands on your lower belly and practice this breath, feeling the abdominal muscles move.

You can likewise lean your spine against a wall, utilizing the wall for feedback as you draw you lower belly back, extending as it presses into the wall. The rhythm of the breath can be increased when you have integrated this practice. If you are holding the breath at the top of the inhale or if you are forcing the inhale to get hold of as much air as possible, stop the procedure and begin again. The breath needs to constantly be connected in the minute and based on the professional’s breathing capability.

Three Part Breath

Once you have mastered the lower stomach breath (you understand your rhythm and you are aware when you hold or restrict the breath), it’s time to expand your breathing strategy. Lie on your back on your mat, knees bent. Inhale into the lower belly, the rib cage, the chest, enabling the whole front body to expand. Exhale from the chest, the rib cage and lower belly. Continue with the breath and permit the body to move. The lower back may raise with your inhale and then return to the mat with your exhale. This breath moves energy in a vibrant method and is exceptional preparation for the physical postures. When you feel full, launch your knees, lie down and breathe generally. Close your eyes and feel any experiences the breath has actually stirred. When you prepare roll to your best side, come near a standing position with a large position.


The Warrior supplies stability and grounding to the human type and is among the safest shapes to develop. The spinal column is in the center so the effort is in the legs and abdominal muscles. Legs broad (everybody has a various position), turn your right foot out and your left foot angled somewhat forward. Bend the knee over your ankle. Extend your arms up from your shoulder joints, and reach with your fingers. Turn your head and concentrate your look past your middle right finger. Make certain the edge of your back foot is grounded. Draw your abdominal muscles in and engage the thigh muscles. Keep a steady breath, in and out with the nostrils. This pose presents a sense of balance: rising up with the crown of the head, rooted feet, energy moving through the fingers.


Triangle present offers a lightness in the body that counter-balances any undesirable modification created by gravity. Where warrior supplies a connection to the earth, triangle opens a pathway to the spiritual world and greater idea. From warrior align your front leg. Move your left hip to the left and bring your right hand on your best leg below your knee. If you are more flexible bring your hand to your calf, ankle, or on the floor. Make certain your spinal column does not curve and keep extending with the crown of your head. The upward arm reaches towards the sky and slightly back, opening the chest. If you’d like to seek out towards the heavens, draw your chin in and slowly turn your head. If this is awkward just look forward or down at your best foot.

Half Moon Balance

From the triangle bring your hands to the ground and raise your back boost to hip height and bend the foot. If you’re unstable keep both hands on the floor, if you feel you’re balanced, lift your left arm toward the sky, opening the chest. If both hands are on the ground keep reaching through your flexed foot and lift the abdominal muscles. If you’re in the full posture, gradually turn your look up towards the sky. As in triangle, draw your shin in, then turn your head. If you require more support, location your lifted foot on a wall to support the position. Remember that balances are never static. There’s constantly motion.

Crescent Moon

From Half Moon Balance lower your raised leg and balance on the ball of your foot. Flex the front knee and bring your arms by your ears, pointing your finger towards the sky. Keep your hips dealing with forward and focus your gaze. Lengthen your spine towards the heavens as you stretch back through your back heel. Feel the oppositional motion through the arms, crown of the head, and both legs. Energy runs through these paths, bringing balance and harmony to the body.

Intense Side Stretch

From Crescent Moon bring your upper body this posture your front leg in a forward bend. If you need to, soften your best knee. Relax your spine over the leg and location your hands on either side of the foot. Breathe rhythmically as you experience. Engage your leg muscles and soften the spine. Attract the belly and enable gravity to lengthen your upper body. This pose is exceptional practice to surrender to the procedure of life and trusting how life steps.


From Intense Side Stretch bring your back leg forward to satisfy the front foot and bring your feet larger than your hips and bring your pelvis down. You could need to alter your position as you come into your squat. Begun your toes if you’ve to. Bring your hands into a prayer position or on the ground to stable yourself if your hips are tight. If you ‘d such as an extra stretch for your groin, bring your elbows between your knees, pressing your knees back. This position releases pent up energy in the hips and helps ground energy.

Child’s Pose

Slowly lower yourself onto your knees and sit on your heels, bring your upper body over your legs and extend you arms. Separate your knees as broad as the mat and place your forehead on the ground. If you can not decrease your forehead remain on your lower arms. Concentrate on your breath and begin to launch any excess energy. In a couple of minutes your will certainly feel a sense of harmony and peace.