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Is what you are exercising in fact yoga lite? Maybe it’s in fact Tantra.

Have you ever questioned whether you are a genuine yogi? Can you call yourself a genuine yogi if you do not meditate in a cave, use a loincloth or orange bathrobes, or know which mantra or mudra to make use of at exactly the right minute?

The enjoyable thing about Tantra is that it accepts life. Whereas stereotyped ideas of yogis often utilize caves in the Mountain range, very little wardrobes and renunciation of typical everyday living, Tantra does not go there.

At least, Tantra as I understand it today. I’ll confess I am not exactly what I ‘d call a specialist, but fortunate for me I’ve actually had some wonderful educators. Swami Maheshananda Saraswati. Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. Gurushabd.

These teachers, and my own experience, have presented a variation of yoga that accepts everyday living. Being in a relationship. Discovering enjoyment in little moments of joy, even chocolate. Travel. Friends from all walks of life. Abundance.

Don Latin, who blogs about religious beliefs and spirituality in America, says that:
“The word “tantra” comes from a Sanskrit root that suggests to weave or extend. So one way to think of tantra is a philosophy and a spiritual discipline that uses routine, reflection, and yoga to allow its specialists to experience themselves and the world around them as an interwoven unity.”

In an article by Nora Isaacs for Yoga Diary, Pure Yoga creator Pole Stryker, instructor in the Tantric custom of Sri Vidya, states this about Tantra: ‘In Tantra, the world isn’t something to escape from or get over, however rather, even the mundane or relatively negative events in day-to-day life are in fact lovely and auspicious. Rather than searching for samadhi, or liberation from the world, Tantra instructs that liberation is possible on the planet.’

This is contrary to among the usual threads amongst the branches of Vedantic approach: that we need to escape our body and liberate ourselves from the cycle of reincarnation in order to experience samadhi. Simply puts, everything we experience, from discomfort to satisfaction, is a symptom of the divine and an opportunity to access our own divine nature.

In my own experience, my most divine minutes of full ananda (happiness)– and the closest I have concerned samadhi– have actually been definitively in and of the world. Even though they seemed like out of this world experiences, they occurred during extremely concrete, material world moments.

7 Ways to Have Tantric Experiences

  1. Recognize that everything is cosmic.
  2. Don’t renounce anything.
  3. Embrace the tough stuff.
  4. Ask yourself: exactly what’s this today to instruct me about my real nature?
  5. Watch for signs and symbols.
  6. Know that abundance is just as spiritual as renouncing money, if not more so.
  7. Enjoy good, healthy sex.