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Yoga is an ancient practice, originally established in India, which trains the body, mind and spirit. At its most esoteric level, it looks for to unite the self with the cosmos. At a more practical level, it trains the body in strength, balance and flexibility, and helps sharpen mental focus. A variety of various institutions offer 500-hour yoga educator training programs.

General Goals

Since completion of a 200-hour yoga teacher training course authorized by the yoga partnership is generally required to enlist in a 500-hour course, your classmates will probably be various other yoga teachers. You’ll gain broader exposure to yoga approach and approaches, strengthen your own yoga abilities, be given the chance to instruct both postures and reflection and be provided with lots of chances to connect with your fellow students to form lasting, mutually supportive relationships.

Course Content

You’ll undergo a thorough review of exactly what you’ve currently discovered, followed by direction in varied subjects such as kinesiology, yogic psychology, tantra, yogic philosophy, the yogic scriptures, meditation, class design and training techniques. You’ll explore the more esoteric and magical aspects of yoga based upon Hindu theology, such as becoming part of super-conscious trances and dissolution of the ego.

Training Schedule

A 500-hour yoga course is usually split up into a one-week-long intensive course followed by 5 or 6 weekend-long retreats, throughout which time numerous learning modules are presented. Your everyday schedule will be rigorous– you might awaken as early as 5:30 a.m. and study until well into the evening. Your total amount of 500 hours will include the 200 hours you already researched for your 200-hour certification, implying that the additional class time required to earn a 500-hour certificate will be 300 hours.


The overall cost for a 500-hour yoga teacher training course differs according to the institution, however typically varies from $3,000 to $5,000 since 2010. This quantity includes tuition, meals and lodging. Some schools, such as the Mount Madonna Center, offer versatile pricing schemes depending on your preferred lodging– you might stay in a dormitory, for instance, or a camping tent.


According to, the income range for full-time yoga educators was $31,292 to $62,789 each year since 2010. Since 500-hour yoga training offers an advanced yoga teacher certification than the 200-hour certification, it may be practical for a yoga instructor with a sophisticated certificate and solid experience to secure a job at the higher end of this pay array. Part-time opportunities prevail in this field.