Want to take on meditation?

Here’s 5 tips to help:

Sit. Knowing to sit can be a challenge. Do some light stretches prior to sitting down and then start off with just 5 minutes of sitting-see how it feels. Bear in mind there are many different methods to sit. Find a seat comfortable for you, in a chair, on a block, sitting on the heels, remaining on a blanket or a pillow. Make sure that you’re sitting in a location you’ll be delighted to sit. For me there’s a space in my residence where the morning light is available in magically. I prefer to sit in there.

2.  Watch your thoughts. The mind is always going, in the starting the goal isn’t to just switch off the mind (since that is not possible and you’ll drive yourself insane simply attempting), however rather see it. Don’t permit yourself to run off with the ideas, always go back to an extremely natural breath. It’s just in viewing the thought and feelings that you begin to realize that you aren’t these thought and feelings. You actually are the viewer of the ideas. As soon as you recognize that you aren’t your mind, that’s when the mind starts to settle, however this is a procedure so don’t beat yourself up if your reflection in the beginning is an insane mind trip.

3. Let the mind entertain Some grumble that meditation is simply boring. However, viewing the insane mind is rather amusing! Then comes the shapes, sounds, different voices, mountains and limitless deep blue lakes, light that shines right through the third eye and expands and contracts all around. In the stillness of sitting, one could find freedom from all thought and feelings, suspended in the galaxy of nothingness. For everyone, what occurs in this space is various, but it’s absolutely not dull!

4.  Make and take some time to meditateOh time you amusing thing … how we’re constantly trying to race you, yet you stay strong and we always appear to lose the race. We’ve to make and take the time to meditate. If mediation could end the inner war going on inside you, would you make the time? If mediation could end your sleeping disorders, stress and anxiety or depression, would you make the time? If mediation could lead you to forgive, if mediation could remove that burden of weight you have been lugging all your life, could you find the time? If reflection could make you pleased, truly pleased would you discover the time? Remember that time is a reason made by the ego to keep you from dealing with the true you.

5. Just do it! Sounds cliche, but it takes 21 days to form a routine. That indicates that after doing it for 21 days, it’ll become part of your regular regimen. Simply keep doing it and your well on your means to a happier, more conscience you.

Big hugs,