Lady Gaga spotted wearing a pink coat while arriving at The Yoga Spot in New York City
We understand, Woman Gaga. Sis’s a piece of work. The Lady of Gag was spotted the other day in NYC visiting yoga using this interesting outfit. A fuzzy pink robe and a face mask to yoga? Well, when she’s not wearing this funky getup, or her underclothing, or you understand, absolutely nothing. However, hi, we’ve to enjoy Lady G, and this outfit talks with us in a manner none of her others have.

Heck, you know what? This needs to be among the very best yoga clothing we’ve actually seen in a long period of time.

Here are our top reasons why:

1. Firstly, that looks like a quite comfortable coat. She’s headed to a 105 degree yoga course, however girlfriend looks magnificent comfy and prepared to curl up for restorative. Points for the comfort aspect, an uncommon thing for the mommy of abuse devices masquerading as clothes.

2. That face mask, a la Haus of Gaga, resembles the ideal sweat deflector. We know she’s a longtime Bikram fan so the face security can serve as an outstanding accessory when the sweat and/or other bodily fluids start flying. (Have you ever been in class with Girl Gaga before? You found out about her recent vomit episode on phase, yeah?)

3. You can not buy this attire in ANY shop. Like, you can most likely pick up some similar products in various specialty shops, however this entire outfit couldn’t be bought for a number of Benjamins at your regional LuluAthleLoleGapNavy. Whether she indicated it or not, it’s a big FU to all the yoga clothes retailers attempting to offer their from-street-to-yoga-to-street-to-nightclub collection. (We recognize this is her go-to yoga attire, not always her in-class clothing.)

4. She’s 10 curlers and 2 fluffy pink slippers far from this cartoon representation of precisely how we FEEL going to yoga numerous days.