Readers share their preferred mudras (hand gestures).

  • yoga bikram

    Dulce Ruby Peralta

    Sedona, Arizona

    ” As the sunlight set, I remained on a dock in Indonesia and took a minute for myself. Jnana Mudra assisted me discover serenity and tranquility.”

  • yoga fitness

    Meeka Bond

    Sagle, Idaho

    ” While treking in Arches National Park, Utah, I selected Anjali Mudra behind my back. It produces a much more open pose that aids me release tension and tension.”

  • dvd yoga

    Carey Kunkle

    Ashburn, Virginia

    ” Before going through a mastectomy at age 36 (I have the same genetics deletion that travelled my mother via four cancers), I practiced meditation in Apan Mudra for physical detoxing.”

  • yoga weight loss

    Jessica Dee

    Providence, Rhode Island

    ” I was experiencing suffering after losing liked ones as well as being aside from my boyfriend, that was working overseas. This posture with Chin Mudra( a gesture of awareness) assisted me give up to light beyond struggle.”

  • yoga asana

    Anne Bendixen

    Houston, Texas

    ” Centering myself with Anjali Mudra at ajna chakra attaches me to my instinct as well as spirit.”