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Dada Shiilabhadrananda, the sectorial office secretary for Ananda Marga in sub-Saharan Africa, author and senior monk. Dada Shiilabhadrananda is a little, silent guy dressed in his traditional orange robes. He speaks with an air of knowledge and a calmness that immediately puts those around him at convenience. Born in Canada, he’s actually dedicated over 30 years to being a yoga exercise monk.
What’s Ananda Marga? Straight equated, Ananda Marga is “course of bliss”. We’ve a fundamental need to have boundless joy. It’s a lifestyle, a step-by-step and scientific process for the fulfilment of all human demands: physical, mental and spiritual. The viewpoint is among universalism, acknowledging God as the one limitless supreme awareness, with all beings of the universe component of one cosmic household. Ananda Marga has a worldwide network of centres which look after the well-being of people, animals and plants. These consist of yoga and meditation centres, schools, kids’s houses, food-distribution centres, disaster relief, medical centres and neighborhood advancement tasks, with the objective of fulfilling the demands of the neighborhood individuals and helping to empower them to establish their own personal and social resources.
Explain the new science of bio-psychology. There’s an interdependence in between biology and psychology. Your mind acts through the body with cakras (managing nucleii of the body, also referred to as chakras), glandulars and hormonal secretions. Occasionally your body impacts your mind (indigestion or irregularity can make you short-tempered) while other times the mind influences the body (when your temper triggers the blood to hurry to your face). If we feel disheartened, we slump our shoulders and bow our heads, when we’re melancholy, our hunger vanishes and we do not seem like eating. The objective of human life is the motion from imperfection to excellence, from crudeness to subtlety. Our mental advancement is absolutely nothing however the continuation of our earlier physical evolution.
Your own experience? I live easily with 5 hours of sleep per night. I’ve loads of work, travel regularly, begin jobs from the ground up with little or no money, and still manage to live a tension-free life. I have not been ill, except for a bout of malaria. I believe this is because of the regular discipline involved in bio-psychology, which emphasises day-to-day yoga, mind-calming exercise, a vegetarian diet and fasting at periods. Your mind guidelines your body. Getting inspiration from your highest degrees of awareness, you can carry out relatively impossible tasks good-naturedly, without developing self-pride or ego, or experiencing tension or burn-out.