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A corrective position that recharges the body as well as aids digestion by stretching the rising and also coming down colon

1. Sit in Dandasana (Staff Posture) with your legs extended in front of you, toes flexed, quadriceps contracted. Position your hands next to your buttocks on the flooring and also raise all-time low of your stubborn belly and the sides of your waist.

2. Bend your right knee, placing your ideal foot versus your internal left upper leg as well as your best heel close to your perineum, simply below your pubic bone. Delicately swing the right knee far from the left foot to make sure that the thighs develop an angle above 90 degrees– ideally an angle of 135 degrees.

3. Fold onward over your left leg from the left hip fold. Reach with your right arm initially and hold your left foot from the within. Acquiring your left quadriceps incredibly, utilize your left hand to comprehend the facility of the hamstring muscle mass as well as– tipping the body to the right– pull towards your left resting bone to launch stress in the tendon that connects your hamstring muscular tissues to your hips. Push your left hand right into the floor near your left hip and also push, lengthening the left midsection. Keep benting your body toward the left, working to bring your bellybutton over the center of your left thigh.

4. Hold your left foot with your left hand from the outside. Removal deeper right into the layer by holding your right wrist with your left hand. Make a hand with your ideal hand. Bending your arm joints far from each other, draw your left foot with your arms, extending the sides of your midsection. Relax your temple on your shin. Breathe deeply for 9 or more breaths. Inhaling, lift your head as well as chest, then launch your hands to press the floor away and appear of the position. Modification sides.

Avoid This Mistake


DON’T drop your sacrum in reverse( posteriorly) as well as round the spine.