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    ‘The Siren Yoga exercise Job offered me the strength to open myself to myself.’

    ‘When I began this quest, I was a mess. I am an Expert as well as battle with PTSD. This course could possibly not have come at a better time! I had ended up being so removed from myself and from my liked ones that I was absolutely lost inside myself, as well as worse, lost to the Solution that I hold so dearly in my heart. The Goddess Yoga Task offered me the stamina to open myself TO myself to make sure that I could reconnect with the Divine within me, to rely on myself, as well as to rest easy in the knowledge that I TIN control the fear and anxiety that pesters me. THANKS FROM ALL-TIME LOWS OF MY HEART!!!’

    —Amy Moehlenkamp

  • spirituality

    “Siren’ is a frame of mind.’

    ‘Prior to this course I had a considerably different view on what a Goddess absolutely was. Now I seem like ‘Siren’ is a frame of mind. When the Siren strolls with you, when your everyday life is filled with her tales and her existence, you emanate the Goddess. I can not tell you the number of times points referring to my life were referred to as ‘magical’ by others considering that beginning the difficulty and taking this program. This encounter will forever be a component of my life. Thanks all, from all-time low of my heart.’

    —Carissa Rose

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    ‘Before doing something … I ask which Siren wishes to tip in and aid me out.’

    “I absolutely love just how I can take a time out prior to doing something, training class, making family decisions, holding safe room. I ask which Siren intends to tip in as well as aid me out. (given that I’m not sure which to summon fairly yet for specific tasks) It’s AMAZING the calm energy that comes with as well as assists me out every day. Thank You for the expertise of taking me deeper right into the researches of the Goddesses, I LOVE IT.”

    —Marie Fernkvist Green

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