Modify Virasana if had to find risk-free alignment in your body.

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    If you experience pain in your knees …

    Try supporting your buttocks with a block or blanket. Find the height of assistance that allows you to have a feeling of stretching in your upper legs and also knees without any type of discomfort or sharp experience. Gradually reduce the support in time to boost flexibility in your knees.

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    If the stretch in your ankle joints is also intense …

    Try positioning a rolled-up hand towel or slim covering under the fronts of your ankles to lift them a little. Have fun with the height of the roll to find the perfect quantity of stretch for you.

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    If your feet cramp up …

    Try stooping on 2 bolsters laid flat and also compressed, to ensure that your feet and buttocks hang off the back side. Support your butts with a block. This takes pressure off your feet and also functions to relieve ankle joint pain– as well as it can be combined with the knee-pain alteration above.