Continue to open your breast as well as shoulders, and begin to reinforce your legs in these prep presents for Camatkarasana (Wild Point).

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    Bridge Pose

    Setu Bandhasana

    Strengthens your back body, from the hamstrings to the upper back muscles, opens and extends your breast, psoas, and quadriceps muscles

    Lie on your back, with your legs curved and your feet hip-width apart. Weigh down with your feet, shoulders, and hands and a little raise your bellybutton, developing a small backbend in your back. Do not start the action by tucking your hips or leading with your tailbone. Proceed pushing right into your arms and also feet to raise your bellybutton into Bridge.

    Then rock back and forth and tuck your shoulders and upper arms below you. Interlace your fingers and ground down again with your arms. Relax your mandible as well as let your chin drop away from your breast, keeping your throat open as well as soft. Hold for 3– 5 breaths before exhaling to launch your hands and also come down.

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    Camel Pose


    Creates length in your quadriceps and also hamstring muscle mass, shows you exactly what it really feels like to press down with your feet to open your chest.

    Come to stoop on your shins and the tops of your feet. Lift your upper body toward the ceiling, discovering length in your spine and sides. Do not squeeze your glutes, tuck your pelvis, or push your upper legs ahead, rather, engage your internal thighs.

    Begin to curl your upper back in reverse. Release your arms as well as allow them turn behind you to catch your feet. Press your feet down to lift your breast much more. Put your shoulder blades, as you performed in Matsyasana. Hold for 3– 5 breaths. To come up, push your feet down and also extend your spinal column. Allow your head turn up last.

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    Reverse Warrior Pose

    Viparita Virabhadrasana

    Stretches your side body, demonstrates how functioning the legs frees the spine.

    Stand in Virabhadrasana II (Warrior Pose II), with your left leg forward and also your knee tracking over your foot (your hips could be at a slight angled). Prolong and also externally rotate your arms. Inside turn your forearms, developing a strong spiral from your shoulder blades.

    Sidebend to the right, remainder your right hand on your best leg, and also extend your left arm up and back. Prevent backbending. Hold for 3– 5 breaths. Go back to Warrior II and switch sides.

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