Strengthen your legs, arms, and core as well as proceed to open your hips with these preparation poses for Eka Pada Galavasana.

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    Cow Face Pose

    Complements Sleeping Pigeon by extending your abductors, or outer hips, prepares your hips for the needs of Eka Pada Galavasana

    Come to all fours in the middle of your floor covering. Raise your right knee, bring it behind your left leg and to the outside of your left knee. Your left knee will certainly stack atop your right knee. Staying on your hands and knees, shake your feet away from each various other up until they’re slightly bigger compared to your hips. Gradually reduced your hips to the floor in between your feet. If your hips are not able to reduced to the flooring– or you really feel pain in your knees– sit on a block or folded covering. Finish the transition right into the posture by walking your hands ahead as well as reducing your upper body right into a forward bend. Take 5 to 6 breaths prior to changing sides

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    One-Legged Plank Pose

    Builds the stamina in your hamstrings and also gluteus maximus that you’ll have to raise and maintain up your back leg in Eka Pada Galavasana

    From Down Pet dog, elevate your best upper hand as well as back. Change ahead till your shoulders are slightly behind your wrists this will need your core to function tougher compared to it would certainly if you stacked your shoulders straight over your wrists. Involve your abdominals to support your reduced back and also keep the lift of your best leg. Maintain your lifted leg according to your torso and parallel to the floor. Hold till you’re fatigued (3 to 6 breaths), and afterwards step back right into Down Pet dog before changing sides.

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    Chaturanga Dandasana

    Four-Limbed Staff Pose

    Builds the upper-body and core strength needed to sustain your weight while balancing in Eka Pada Galavasana.

    Begin in Plank Posture with your hands somewhat in front of your shoulders. Press your hands into the floor, externally revolve your arms, as well as broaden your shoulder blades. Concurrently rock ahead to your tiptoes, flex your elbows so your lower arms and also triceps are at a 90-degree angle, as well as reduced your body until your arms are identical to the flooring. Keep your quadriceps muscular tissues and also abdominals company to support your weight. Squeeze your elbow joints towards your ribs as you widen your breast. Take 2 to 3 breaths, drawing your shoulders away from your ears as well as enduring the posture.

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