Practice these backbends and inversions for increased flexibility and strength and also really feel the flexibility of greater variety of movement in your breast and shoulders.

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    Camel Pose


    You can begin to experience the benefits of extending the pectoralis small in a position like Camel Pose. Improving your flexibility in the clavipectoral fascia will enable higher range of activity in your shoulders, upper body, as well as spine.

  • yoga bikram


    Adho Mukha Vrksasana

    Balancing on the hands calls for movement and also strength in the shoulders, along with a strong core. Consistently exercising the pectoralis minor wall stretch will at some point result in far better positioning up and down, even if you’re upside-down in Handstand.

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    Handstand Scorpion

    Eventually, solid shoulders, openness in the chest, and length in the spine enable the poise and also adaptability for innovative upside down backbends like Vrschikasana B (Scorpion Posture B or Handstand Scorpion).