All Photos by Vlad Semen

Starting today, I will certainly offer you a life time journey and another sort of vacation for those which like to find brand-new lands, nature, remote towns, past history, culture, impressive folks, terrific food, art as well as entertainment, sea, hills, cities, style, music and style, aged churches as well as secret destinations of the globe. All these in just one area, in one nation: Romania. Reading me and Vlad Sperm in our adventure, and also you will read our tales, appreciate our images as well as you will certainly take a trip with us in our cherished country. And you know what? Maybe it’s time to see Romania! Here is why…

1. Danube Delta

After passing with numerous nations (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine and Romania), the magnificent Danube stream clears right into the Black Sea, in a myriad of shades and also remarkable sunsets.

The waters of the Danube form the largest and also ideal preserved of Europe’s deltas. It is the latest land of Romania, it is an untouched land of elegance, nature as well as wild.

The Danube Delta, consisted of on Unesco’s Globe Heritage list, is among Romania’s leading traveler destinations. But these are merely words. Since the Delta has actually been checked out by merely 20 % of Romanians as well as extremely couple of international visitors. Why? Folks do not know what to do there …


The roadway to this incredible destination is easy, short as well as genuine. From the airport terminal you will certainly reach the Capital, Bucharest, and from there there are buses, trains as well as taxis that will bring you to the shores of the Danube, in Tulcea Region. You will locate accommodation in much less than 6 hours after landing.

On the stream there are hotels, guesthouses and drifting hotels that are expecting you with conventional food, intense silence, a sea of eco-friendly, woodlands, gardens and weeping willows. Every resort has boats and also floating pontoons, prepared to transform your vacation right into the very best experience of your life.


The delta is a place for wildlife fans, birdwatchers, fishers and also any individual really wanting to avoid everything for a couple of days. But a few days could constantly develop into in a week, then right into a romance for a lifetime.

Over 300 varieties of birds have homes here, in this unblemished land, which over 176 types type, the most essential being cormorant, pygmy cormorant, white pelican and Dalmatian pelican. There are many multi-species heron colonies and raptor species consisting of the white-tailed eagle. The delta is quite rich in fish, with 45 fresh water varieties existing. Otter and also weasel are to be discovered on the floating islands.

You will find lodging on the profile websites and also the citizens from Romania are extremely friendly and useful. They want to open their doors to we all.

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Once you exist, in the middle of wilderness, just what can you do?

1. Loosen up in an area of pure nature, in silence as well as meditation.

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2. Hear the wind as well as waves of the environment-friendly stream.

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3. Take some outstanding pictures with nobody between you as well as Mother Nature.

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4. Birds seeing. There are hundreds of beautiful birds in their natural environment: pelicans, cormorant, swans, and also lots of others. It’s fascinating to view these birds angling in the significant lakes of the Danube Delta.

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5. Watercraft Ride. You can rent a boat or merely allow the hotels’ proprietors that can help you as well as offer you a trip on the Danube canals. At the sunset, in the morning, all the time long.

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6. Take a breath fresh air, get a tan, listen closely to the wind as well as feel the weeping willows.

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7. Have a competition with your pals as well as household: that will see one of the most impressive bird?


8. Make incredible photographs with white and yellow water lilies.

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9. Go to atemporal towns. Relax in a hammock all day long as well as hear the citizens’ tales.


10. Navigate deep into the canals to feel the sunsets.

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11. Consume fish soup and fish grill, and some various other traditional Romanian food.

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12. Review a publication about the Danube Delta, hear some standard songs, consume a great Romanian a bottle of wine and also discuss some tales with your friends.

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The Danube Delta is except everyone. It is a peaceful area, an open, light and also wild room, complete of life and also miracles. Life on the stream is often hard, but actually worth it. Do you intend to have such an adventure? I believe I have the ideal reason. If you are a traveler, you will enjoy it tremendously: residents’ stories, the wild, as well as the silence that permeates through the willows.