Find security (as well as have ENJOYABLE) doing yoga exercise on the water with tips and postures from Amelia Travis, creator of Stoked Yogi. Influenced to practice SUP yoga with us face to face? Join her one-day SUP yoga retreat at YJ LIVE! San Diego on Monday, June 27. Sign up ( as well as make use of code STIRED for 15% off) before all the boards are talked for!

Practicing yoga on water could appear a little challenging. Nevertheless, a lot of us locate lots of difficulty balancing on land! Prior to you create off standup paddleboard (SUP) yoga as difficult, right here’s just what I tell all first-timers: “If you can breathe, you could do yoga exercise. If you could stand on one foot, you could paddle.’ Obtain your feet damp with these SUP poses.

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    Before You Get Started

    Follow 3 basic standards to assist keep you stable and also smiling on the water.

    Slow down. Relocate at concerning half the speed you would certainly ashore, and also make an effort to adhere to the length of slow, even breaths.
    Mind your mat. The paddleboard’s deal with (inset on top of the board) is normally the facility of its equilibrium, so attempt to orient on your own around the handle whatsoever times.
    Gaze at the horizon. Vertigo generally originates from moving the gaze too promptly. Keep your eyes on a set factor on land for included stability.

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    Easy Seated Pose

    Facing the front of your board, sit with your hips on the take care of as well as let your hands rest gently on your knees. Sit up high and also take deep stomach breaths, noticing the refined shaking of the water underneath you.

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    Child’s Pose

    Start in Table Top with your navel above the board’s take care of, broaden your knees as well as bring your huge toes to touch. Sink your hips back into your heels as well as rest your forehead on the board. Arms could extend long in front of you, or your hands could curtain over the sides of the board with your fingers pathing the water.

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    Downward-Facing Dog

    From Table Top, gradually send your hips up and back, correcting the alignment of the legs. Gaze at the horizon behind you. Take a few breaths and also utilize natural activities to resolve right into the present. Make sure to press highly right into the index finger as well as thumb to safeguard your wrists.

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    From Down Pet, shift onward and pile your shoulders over your wrists. Create a long line from the crown of your go to your heels. Engage the reduced belly. Add warmth by lifting one leg at once. For a little less obstacle, drop your knees.

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    Cobra or Upward-Facing Dog

    For Cobra, exist vulnerable, putting your belly on the manage, hands underneath shoulders as well as attract elbow joints toward each other. Inhale and also raise your head, shoulders, and also chest.

    For Upward-Facing Dog, location your hands additionally back, near the ribs. Prior to pressing your hands into the board to raise your upper body. Engage the quads so, if feasible, your knees raise away from the board.

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    Low Lunge Variations

    From Table Top or Down Canine with your hips over the manage, bring your best foot onward so your hands frame your foot. Seek to the perspective for balance prior to walking your hands into the knee or thigh.

    Once you really feel steady, discover arm variants like reaching both arms to the sky or including a spin by growing your left palm on the board and also lifting your right arm toward the sky. Switch over sides.

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    Wide Leg Standing Forward Fold

    From Low Lunge, place both hands inside the front knee and also stroll to the rail (side of the board). Apply even press with your hands as your revolve onto the ball piles of both feet, then lower heels toward the opposite rail. Hands as well as feet should be the exact same range apart that you would certainly have them on land: hands below shoulders, legs larger compared to hip distance with toes a little transformed in.

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    Modified or Half Camel

    Kneeling around the manage of the board, support the low back with your hands prior to moving into Camel. The instability of the water could develop even more challenge, so begin with your toes tucked, or explore a gentler stooping backbend by putting one hand behind you, lifting the hips, and also brushing up the other arm expenses. Switch over sides.

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    Sleeping Pigeon

    There is something so comforting regarding Resting Pigeon on the water. Make sure your groin is over the manage of the board. If you need a bolster, try using your life vest (problems allowing). Loosen up into the present as well as pay attention to the noise of the waves as they wash at your board.

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    Bridge Pose

    Start on your back with your sacrum over the manage, knees bent as well as soles of your feet on the board to ensure that your fingertips could graze your heels. Maintain your feet somewhat wider than hip-distance apart. Lift your hips toward the sky and bind your arms underneath to locate more elevation. For an added difficulty, try raising one leg at a time.

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    Don’ t forget this! There’s nothing as peaceful as unwinding with the sunlight kissing your face and also the water rocking you into a blissful state.

    There’s a whole lot even more to find out, and also a directed experience is a fantastic means to go deeper right into the technique of aqua asana. (I’ll be leading a one-day retreat at YJ LIVE! San Diego on Monday, June 27.)

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    More from Amelia Travis

    Stoked Yogi owner Amelia Travis is a Yoga exercise Alliance-registered RYT-500 and also American Red Cross-certified lifeguard. Trained in classical yoga exercise in the Sivananda and also Ashtanga vinyasa traditions, she has a strong structure in makeup and also philosophy, and skillfully weaves expertise of both into her courses, retreats, and instructor trainings. Amelia has educated over 165 yoga trainers ways to adapt the technique of yoga securely to the standup paddleboard. She has a teaching style of clear and succinct anatomy-based cueing, interwoven with the knowledge of Vedic viewpoint as well as a spirit of dedication. After breaking her back in a surfing crash in 2012, Amelia realized that life is as well brief to do anything yet exactly what you like. She lives each day currently by the Stoked Yogi mantra: Set your objective, then breathe it to life.

    For much more SUP yoga exercise enjoyable, attach with her online at, on Instagram @stoked_yogi, or her workshops at YJ LIVE! San Diego.

    All photos thanks to Stoked Yogi as well as Move Paddle Yoga exercise Ambassadors.