From poses for your booty to your crown (chakra), your technique options this year were varied. Review our top 10 asana sequences from 2015 to see exactly what you may have missed.

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    10. 30-Minute Preparation for Mindful Meditation

    The Residence Method in the magazine’s March 2015 concern showcased this 17-pose series to clear your mind and aid you accomplish an introspective state via the breath. Get ready to get quiet. 

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    9. 8 Best Poses for the Core

    In June,’s routine contributors Two Fit Mamas used viewers the kind of sequence we all enjoy to hate– their top poses for the core. Get more powerful to stand taller.

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    8. 7 Poses for the 7 Chakras

    YogaJournal. com began the new year with #ChakraTuneUp 2015. In this introductory blog post, YJ LIVE! Speaker Rina Jakubowicz offers a recovery technique to aid you align as well as link to your energy. Get based as well as open up to possibilities.

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    7. 10-Minute Series to Alleviate Back Pain

    Low-back discomfort strikes the majority of us at some time. And the House Practice in the magazine’s Might 2015 concern was everything about easing it and also preventing it. Get in the routine of stretching.

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    6. 12 Going to bed Yoga exercise Positions for Kids

    In March 2015, yoga exercise instructor and also writer Mariam Gates shared a sequence of yoga positions from her publication Great Evening Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Tale to aid relieve your kids to rest. Take the cherished bedtime story routine a step further.

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    5. 13 Presents to Damage Bad Habits

    In the February 2015 concern, Tommy Rosen and Kia Miller supplied a Kundalini Yoga exercise kriya to assist you find your very own toughness as well as self-control. Kick bad habits for good.

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    4. 7 Poses to Release Trauma

    In June, YJ LIVE! presenter Colleen Saidman Yee supplied YJ viewers a sequence of poses from her new memoir,  Yoga for Life. Focusing on body parts that generally hold anxiousness and trauma, this series guarantees to aid you release. Try it. 

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    3. 7 Positions to Company + Tone Glutes for a More powerful Practice

    In the magazine’s Could 2015 concern, yoga exercise instructor Leslie Howard offered this 7-pose sequence for a strong, balanced backside as well as much safer practice. Get a lot more acquainted with your best asset.

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    2. 8 Postures to Strengthen Your Wrists + Stop Injury

    In the publication’s Could 2015 problem, Ray Long, MD, let vinyasa experts know the unexpected secret to preventing wrist injury. Learn how to safeguard your wrists.

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    1. 10 Yoga Poses That Stand the Test of Time

    As YJ transformed 40, we asked Kathryn Budig to give it to us right: 10 presents we must all be practicing on the normal. Get her daily sequence for all levels.